The Bundestag Hosted the Event “The State of Freedom of Speech and Rights in Ukraine” for the First Time

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nikolay Azarov

Dear readers of my page!

Today, on June 11th, in Germany in the Bundestag open hearings with the participation of German parliamentarians on the subject “The state of freedom of speech and rights in Ukraine” will take place. Elena Berezhnaya, Ruslan Kotsaba, and other Ukrainian human rights activists were invited to speak on behalf of Ukraine.

For the first time in 4 years since the coup d’etat such sensitive issues will be raised at such a high official level: political prisoners, torture, the murder and beating up of journalists, censorship in the media.

Certainly, the Kiev regime will try to be as silent as possible about this event. It is unlikely that in any Kiev-aligned media there will be even a mention of this event. Therefore our task is to inform Ukrainians [and westerners! – ed] as much as possible about what is happening at this forum.

I ask all to repost this information as much as possible. In return I want to wish fruitful work to the participants of this forum!

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