The “Burisma” Mud Fountain

Investigative Reporter John Solomon claims he has documents, 400 pages of them, that will place Joe Biden in the middle of the Ukrainian scandal. He will be releasing them on Thursday. Solomon says he has documents that prove that Joe Biden lied about why he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was investigating his son, Hunter. He says the documents prove that Biden had the prosecutor fired in order to protect his son – and himself. If he has what he says he has, this will blow the entire Ukraine hoax and Democrat impeachment investigation wide open.

In case you have been living on another planet (or in the People’s Republic of California), Joe Biden took his son to the Ukraine with him, and his son was given a place on the board of Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine. This was done despite the fact that Hunter Biden had exactly zero experience in the energy sector. Then, he traveled to China with his father and John Kerry’s stepson, and ended up with a 1.5 billion dollar contract, again with no prior experience.

According to Solomon, some documents were transferred to him by the government of Ukraine (!).

The testimony of Shokin‘s assistant, Sevruk, about meeting with people associated with the Clintons who were interested in the “Burisma” case.

In addition, it turns out that:

1. Joe Biden and his son were not interrogated in the “Burisma” case. This was pretty obvious, but the American press continues to chew over this unprecedented revelation.

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2. The “Burisma” Board of Directors (at the time Hunter Biden showed up there) was represented by Cofer Black – a creature of Bush Jr., national security adviser to the US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and part-time former CIA official (officially resigned in 2006).

3. In addition, WikiLeaks published one more batch of letters from the cracked email of Podesta, from which it follows that the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk transferred to the accounts of the Clinton Foundation $8.6 million from 2009 to 2013, when Hillary Clinton held the post of the head of the US State Department. According to Pinchuk’s statement, this money went to the Clinton Foundation, which “made Ukraine successful and free”. As is reasonably suspected, this is a banal bribe for pushing forward the interests of Pinchuk in the US.

4. Trump directly accused the head of Senate Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff of consciously distorting the content of the conversation between Agent Donald and Zelensky and urged Schiff to resign, having called him a liar and swindler.

The reason is simple – Schiff gave the testimony of an informant from the White House as the primary source, but then it became clear that the informant heard about the content of the conversation of Trump from another person, and this is in fact Chinese whispers.

5. In Ukraine the head of the National Security and Defence Council Danilyuk “suddenly” left his post “at his own will”. The official interpretation – he didn’t work well together with Bogdan and Kolomoisky, who wants “Privatbank“. Unofficial: Danilyuk reported to “friends in Washington” about the content of the conversation of Zelensky with Trump and discussions in Kiev on the topic “what to do”. Danilyuk worked in Groisman‘s government and was in contact with Biden.

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6. NABU, established under the Democrats, said that an investigation was never carried out against Hunter Biden, but one was done against his “partner” Zlochevsky. This point is now being circulated in full by the Democrat press to show that Shokin is making all of this up, but it was originally an investigation by the Prosecutor-General’s Office and not NABU, so the leadership of NABU did not care about anyone in Washington, but Shokin was fired, for which Biden promised $1 billion.

7. The journalist Adam Entous on the air of CNN said that Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors of the “Burisma” company because “…. old-fashioned Joe Biden” applied to his son, who received in Ukraine $50,000 a month, the principle “don’t ask, don’t tell”, which until 2010 was used in the US Army in relation to gays, lesbians, and transgender people. As if Biden didn’t ask what his son was doing in Ukraine, and his son, like an oppressed transgender in “my favourite marine corps”, didn’t tell him about it. This excuse is one of Biden’s most ridiculous excuses. But one can expect anything from CNN.

The mud fountain of the “Burisma” case finally burst and the excrement of “freedoms and democracy” flew in all directions. According to the polls, after the flow of revelations in the past few days, 57% of Americans oppose the impeachment to Trump.

Colonel Cassad

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