The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Wants to Export Ukrainian Blood For Profit

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Cabinet of Ministers considers that the export potential of the country will expand if the components of donor blood and medicines made of donor blood and its components start to be sold.

According to the current legislation, it is permitted to sell components and medicines of donor blood outside Ukraine provided that the available stocks completely meet the demand of the population of Ukraine, writes the Medprosveshcheniye website.

As the government said, referring to the data of the Ministry of Healthcare, as of now in Ukraine not only is there enough donor blood to meet internal demand, but there are also leftovers. The government also suggests to sell these leftovers.

“According to the information of the Ministry of Healthcare, the existing raw material leftovers in the blood transfusion stations and blood banks of Ukraine, and also the available production capacity and the remnants of complete and incomplete products cover the volumes that are obligatorily needed to meet the healthcare needs of the Ukrainian public for medicines of blood donor medicines,” it is said in the statement of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The government considers this decision to be very progressive and assesses it positively.

“The decree was developed in compliance with the requirements of Part 3 of Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the donation of blood and its components’. Adoption of the document will not only allow to expand the export potential of Ukraine, but will also promote an increase in the production of medicines,” say the Cabinet of Ministers.

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