The Case of Public Quarrelling Over the Russian Army’s Further Withdrawal From the Kharkov Region

NEW – October 1, 2022

1. It seems that there will be certain conclusions and consequences, although most of them will remain in the non-public field.

2. The support of the army in any case should remain unconditional, the war will be long and it is important for the army to have a strong rear – both economically and morally and politically. As I have repeatedly noted, the main hopes of the West in the war in Ukraine against Russia are connected with the fact that for one reason or another Russia’s rear will break and the situation of the First World War will repeat, when after a series of military defeats and against the background of the most difficult socio-economic situation in the country, the ruling elites carried out the deposition of Nikolay II within the framework of the February Revolution, followed by a smouldering civil war and other well-known consequences. This time, the Bolsheviks who will pull the country to shining heights after such events are not visible on the horizon.

3. The army, as well as the country as a whole, will inevitably change during the long conflict with the West, as it was before 2022. Life will make one change. Whoever will not be able to adapt will die off naturally. Of course, it is highly desirable that the process of changes be directed from above, in order to accelerate the necessary changes.

4. Current expectations are obviously related to the stabilisation of the front on the outskirts of Kremennaya and Svatovo, the cessation of retreat and the preparation of troops for offensive operations after the introduction of replenished units and mobilised masses, which will ensure the necessary numerical superiority in the directions of the main attacks, and then lamentations that we “heroically defend ourselves against a superior enemy” or “heroically attack a superior enemy” look more and more ridiculous due to the fact that Russia has a many times greater mobilisation potential and at the beginning of the war had a large contract army.

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Colonel Cassad

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