The Case of the Persecuted Ukrainian Journalist Pavel Volkov: Kangaroo Court Sessions & Nazis in Camouflage

On February 26th 2019, after a month break, a hearing was held on the fabricated case of the Zaporozhye journalist and prisoner of conscience Pavel Volkov, a journalist who is charged with “treason” and “assisting terrorists” (by “terrorists” the SBU means the DPR) despite there being no actual proof of any of the charges. As was expected, representatives of the Nazi groups C14 and National Druzhina – about 15 clowns in civilian and camouflaged clothes – came to the hearing to put pressure on the court, the lawyers, and on Volkov’s family.

Prior to the hearing they insulted his lawyer Svetlana Novitskaya, and then, despite the direct prohibition of the court, took photos of the collegium of judges and participants in the process and posted the photos on the Internet. The fact that OSCE, UN, and ISHR observers attended the hearing didn’t affect their behaviour at all. In fact, if anything it gave them even more reason to disrupt the hearing since they know that the “international community” only sheds tears for actual terrorists like Oleg Sentsov.

Because of the pressure being exerted on the court by Nazi groups, Novitskaya called the police (this is not the first time she’s had to do this either). The police officers who arrived accepted a statement about threats, insults, and putting pressure on the participants of the judicial process, and also accompanied Volkov and members of his family home. The “courageous” bandits pursued Volkov and his family up to the entrance of his house.

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Upon the termination of the hearing on the 26th they already started to send out invitations to the hearing on the 27th. Despite this, in the end members of “C14” did not appear in court on this day. However, “National Druzhina” members did appear, and it turned out that the day prior they received camouflaged uniforms with the corresponding Nazi symbols from a car parked near the court. As they walked from the car to the courthouse, people pointed their fingers at them and said “fascists!”

The court called the police by itself. At the beginning of the hearing, the collegium noted that despite there being a direct ban, the nationalists posted on the Internet the faces of the judges of the collegium, and if the attempt to take a photo or video is repeated, then those who did it will be forcibly removed from the hall.

And at the previous hearing on January 21st guess what happened? Yes, that’s correct! Banderist thugs sat in the court room during proceedings, some of who have fired mortars at the peaceful residents of Donbass in the past (they are also known as “veterans”/“participants” of the “Anti-terrorist Operation”). They behaved aggressively, shouted insults at the lawyers and all those present, and were not sanctioned by the court to record videos.

I.e., this is one of the features of the new judicial “reform”, where objectionable persons who perhaps don’t support the fratricidal war in Ukraine and don’t want to kiss Bandera’s feet are persecuted by the Security Service and jailed without trial for “infringing on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”. Three cheers for “democracy”!

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