The Case of Vladimir Eremin: Killer & SBU Employee Fedorchuk, Having Secured the Support of Colleagues & Nazis, Refuses to Come to Hearings in Kramatorsk

The Kramatorsk City Court once again did not hold a preparatory hearing on the charges pressed against the SBU Major Vadim Fedorchuk concerning committing particularly heavy and serious crimes – murder with special cruelty of an abducted person and abuse of official authority.

Recall that in the spring of 2017 Fedorchuk and his associates abducted 43-year-old Avdeevka resident Vladimir Eremin and took him outside the city, where Fedorchuk directly beat the victim to death, throwing his body into a roadside ditch near the village of Krasnogorsk, where the body of Eremin was discovered during a search 10 days later. Vadim Fedorchuk was charged with suspected murder of an abducted person with particular cruelty and abuse of official authority, however, all this time the killer has not only been at large, but also serves in the Military Counterintelligence Department of the SBU.

The preparatory hearing did not take place because, according to the lawyer of the injured party Valentin Rybin, “one of the members of the panel of judges is in the jury room, and an exit from this room for another case is planned for December 2nd”.

Valentin Rybin made a written statement to the chairman of the Kramatorsk City Court and to the chairman of the collegium, requesting that a preparatory hearing be scheduled shortly, because sabotage of the trial by both Fedorchuk and his defence counsel led to the fact that since September this year it has not been possible to hold virtually any hearings in relation to this case, which is a violation of the right of victims to have access to a fair trial.

“I hope that this year there will be at least one preparatory hearing, and we will be able to consider bringing this scoundrel to justice and consider the motion to change his measure of restraint and take him into custody,” said the lawyer.

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At the same time, the Kramatorsk City Court received the first motion signed by Vadim Fedorchuk, who, it turns out, is very worried that the known blogger Anatoly Shary publishes information about this case and the corresponding minutes of witness interrogations. In particular, in his statement, the killer Fedorchuk explains that during 2014-2015 he served in the ATO, after which he continued to serve in the ranks of the SBU “in a very difficult time for Ukraine due to the aggression of another state”, and since he stands guard for the SBU, and he has not time to go to court hearings in Kramatorsk, he asks to “hold a hearing as a video conference”.

Let us emphasise that earlier Vadim Fedorchuk already appeared in the Solomonsky District Court of Kiev, where he quietly watched on the monitor how the trial of his charge of brutal murder takes place. At the same time, the killer from the SBU together with his defence found another reason not to appear at the hearings in Kramatorsk: the videos of Anatoly Shary.

“On September 3rd and 23rd, Anatoly Shary publicly posted videos on YouTube revealing my questionnaire data, in which, contrary to the action of the presumption of innocence, I was clearly called the killer under aggravating circumstances. The aforementioned videos had a large number of views and caused a certain resonance in society, after which I and my family started to receive threats, including to my life and health, which is confirmed by screenshots attached to my statement. Under such circumstances, my visit to the Donetsk region to participate in court hearings can cause aggression among the local population and provoke them to act aggressively against me. These circumstances give me reasonable grounds to worry about my health… On this basis, I ask for a preparatory hearing of the court and all subsequent sessions to be held by videoconferencing with me,” said in the statement of Vadim Fedorchuk.

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I.e., the killer claims that he is not guilty, and he will not be able to come to Kramatorsk because he is afraid of the locals.

“I think he will meet with the residents of Avdeevka not only in Kramatorsk, but also in Kiev, and will after all stand trial,” said the lawyer Valentin Rybin.

In turn, the representative of the victims’ defence Vladimir Rybin published documents from which it follows that in the spring of 2017 the leader of the “Right Sector” right-wing radical organisation Dmitry Yarosh interceded for the killer

“I, Dmitry Yarosh, People’s Deputy of the VIII convocation, adviser to the Chief of the General Staff – Commander-in-Chief of the UAF,… am aware of what crime Fedorchuk V.V. is suspected of, and I undertake to take the suspect under my personal guarantee…,” noted Yarosh in his statement from March 17th 2017.

The joint staff HQ of the SBU in the area of the ATO also directly stepped in for the killer Fedorchuk: the same guarantees were written by the Major of the SBU Roman Lavrushko, Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Veter, Lieutenant Colonel of the SBU Valery Zabolotny, as well as the Colonel of the SBU O. Dubrovin and SBU General-Major Aleksandr Kuts.

“The same Major General of the SBU Aleksandr Kuts refused to give a guarantee to his former colleague and chief, who took Kuts from Donetsk to Kiev, General of the SBU Aleksandr Shchegolev. Kuts writes: ‘I know Fedorchuk, as a law-abiding and loyal military man, I am honoured…’,” said Vladimir Rybin.

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“At the same time, the representative of the SBU Colonel Zolotarev insolently lied in writing to the request of the lawyer by saying that the SBU is not aware of the case of the SBU killer Fedorchuk. The officers (except Yarosh) vouched for their honour. Well, what! Each man disposes of his own honour… Encouraged by the support of loyal friends, the brave Fedorchuk complains about the scolding of his ‘honest’ name and demands not to disturb him with trifles, while providing a comfortable opportunity to watch the trial on TV from Kiev,” said the reporter.

“Every person can stand up, every person is characteristic of justifying and defending themselves from punishment for a crime committed. But only a refined, ‘kind specimen’ and brazen swine, identified by witnesses and the blood of the victim, confident in his complete impunity, without a trace of remorse and regret for what he did, can justify himself by invoking his ‘state value’ and merit in protecting (!?) the state. Cowardly Banderist hero, ruthless to unarmed residents of rear cities and very reverently tender to his own ass. The hero, who prefers to participate in ‘cleansing’ and looting in the rear [as opposed to on the frontline – ed], but not in direct fighting with the enemy, providing the latter with fooled rural lads called to war with their own people,” summarises the representative of the defence in the case of Eremin.

Oksana Shkoda

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