The Chernigov City Council Defied the Kiev Regime’s “Decommunisation” Law

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (UINM) asked the Prosecutor General’s Office and the National Police to investigate the refusal to dismantle the mosaic images of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin on the water tower in the center of Novgorod-Seversky in the Chernigov region. This was reported on the website of the UINM.

The institute demands to initiate criminal proceedings according to Article 436-1 (distribution and public use of symbols of the communist totalitarian regime) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and also to carry out an investigation into this fact and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“A violation of the law ‘on the condemnation of communist and national-socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes and prohibition of propaganda of their symbols’ includes not only these images of Lenin and Stalin, but also the non-dismantled images of a sickle and a hammer on the building on Karl Marx Street, as well as the fact that it wasn’t renamed,” it is said in the statement.

Lenin and Stalin’s mosaic portraits were installed in the 1930’s in the center of Novgorod-Seversky on a water tower built in 1901 [before “Ukraine” even existed – ed], near the market square.

The Novgorod-Seversky City Council considers that the mosaic portraits don’t fall under decommunisation, as they are neither monuments nor memorial signs, and a legal mechanism for their dismantling, including in local governments, isn’t provided by any normative legal act.

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