The Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Proposed to Check the Population of Ukraine With a Polygraph Test

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios suggested to check, with the help of a special program, the population of Ukraine regarding cooperation with the “occupational” authorities in Donbass. This was stated by Matios on the air of the main political talk show of the country “Pulse” on the “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

“Now the Supreme Commander Petro Poroshenko gave an assignment and now a lot of people are engaged in how to weed out those people who are forced to live in an occupation regime from those who are forced to work as a school teacher and who consciously organise fake elections and collect taxes”

said Matios

According to him, this will become possible thanks to a program developed in Odessa.

“Today I will reveal a big secret for the whole state. Currently in Odessa at a rather powerful intellectual scientific center a program is being developed that is based on the principle of any conscious person passing a polygraph test on a computer – they react to a list of questions on a certain algorithm. And their reaction to these questions gives the answer – truth or lie. This requires a computer and half an hour per person. All the population will have to do it (the polygraph), because neighbours will denounce each other, take offence, and exact revenge, because this is the reality in Ukraine”

said Matios

And yet they still dare to rabbit on about “totalitarianism” in the Soviet Union!!!

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