The Children of Donbass Dance in Memory of Their Friends Who Were Murdered by the Ukrainian Army

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Andrey Lysenko

Oktyabrsky district of Donesk.

The red zone.

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Why? Everything is very simple. Listen to this small story and you will understand everything.

After the horrible and ruthless shelling on the township of Oktyabrsky, when its intensity decreased the children, together with heads of the dance team “Plastilin” came to the house of culture where they previously trained and silently stood and looked at the smashed building.

Tears and despair were in their eyes. But the heads of the dance team calmed the children down and said that they will think about where classes can be now held. And now they learn, train, and make beautiful routines at school No. 21. Today, January 13th, Father Frost [Santa Claus – ed] came to them and congratulated them on the New Year’s holidays thanks to young woman who herself suffered strongly when the trolleybus in Bosse was shelled – Yuliya Mikhaylova.

The children showed their new routine and brought not only Father Frost to tears, but also his (my) friends. The routine that the children of Oktyabrsky – a settlement in which many children died – perform is called “Children of war”. And those children who survived performed a dance routine in memory of their deceased friends.

This routine is raw and not everything is completed, and moreover half of the children in the group are ill, but in my opinion it is worth being seen all around the world. Although the director is against this – it is not clear why, maybe she’s not confident about its good performance? It will be fully completed in February and I will come to the presentation. The serious faces of children whose dancing feels the pain of their peers who aren’t destined to see the bright beams of the sun ever again are still in my eyes…………………….

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