The Clash of the Century, or Actual Dostoevsky

NEW – August 10, 2022

The fight between good and evil

What is happening in the world today?

How are the unfolding events described from the point of view of metaphysics?

At the end of February 2022, a new phase of the Fight between Good and Evil began — the war of the West against Russia has passed, if not into a hot, then into a burning phase. The stakes have increased dramatically.

After the start of the special military operation (hereinafter – SMO), the main accents of what is happening were put in their places: de facto, we are witnessing an aggravation of the historical confrontation between Russia and the West, which this time looks like a sacred civilisational conflict of the “culture of total abolition” against the existing world order.

Western civilisation, in the frenzy of “exalting” and absolutising the human ego as a priority and almost the only measure of correctness, has reached, without realising it, the denial and cancellation of its own foundations.

Not only the dogmas of the Christian faith are rejected, but the very world of facts and knowledge, the “world of rationality”, is disappearing. If until recently our opponents appealed to science as a source of objective knowledge that forms a picture of the world, today they have begun to deny science, replacing it with “controlled chaos” and “new knowledge”.

They are devalued to zero the basic principles of humanity – take for example the recent “legal” approval of a third gender by the World Health Organisation and the policy of denying biological sex as such.

And attempts to introduce the practice of blocking the process of puberty in children in order to provide in the future the (!) children themselves with the opportunity to choose an appropriate gender – this, in the understanding of our former Western partners, should become an inalienable human right – sexual right, the same as the right to vacation, work, etc. Moreover, the topic of choosing a gender by a child without the consent of the family, in fact bypassing parents (in Norway it is allowed from the age of 7, in the UK – from 9 years old) is nothing more than giving an unformed individual subjectivity in order to remove them from parental care.

Why is this done? For power over the world!

After all, if a child is de facto removed from under the family (the foundation of society) and de jure from under parental care, already devalued by juvenile justice, then a certain “third force” intercepts the management of children, instilling the models of behaviour it needs. Thus, the child is already being raised from childhood as an object controlled from the outside. The same “Matrix of Klaus Schwab” is a management technology with total manipulation of the information space and totalitarian control over society and its individual members. De facto, this is the transfer of power to transnational illegitimate structures controlled by a narrow group of “global elites”, this is the abolition of national states and democracy – it is no longer even imitated – this is depriving a person of the ability to think independently, oppressing the will and, as a result, turning them from a subject into a manipulation object. Thus, the actors of globalism overthrow man from the pedestal of “God’s likeness”, which he occupied for centuries in Christian culture, and deprive him not only of his spiritual foundations, but destroy the very biological essence of man.

There are all the signs of a deep socio-psychological-mental disorder that has gripped the Collective West.

The West’s frenzied attempts to infect the rest of the world with this mental illness increasingly resemble an obsession, for which, however, a corresponding platform has been developed and implemented — in US doctrinal documents on foreign and military policy, Russia (like China) is concretised as an enemy, which didn’t happen even during the Cold War with the USSR.

The reasons for chthonic hatred are deep — the West is afraid of Russia, like the demons of a priest performing an exorcism, like the devil of incense.

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That’s why a war of extermination has been declared on Russia.

In this regard, it is important to understand that the West’s policy towards Russia has always been and remains unchanged: they want only one thing – that Russia should not exist.

Lies and division as weapons

How do they work?

The mental illness that engulfs the West also involves appropriate methods of dealing with them. The disintegration of truth is an actual global trend.

We live in what analysts are already calling the post-truth era. Society is purposefully destroyed and atomised to the level of individuals, and society is segregated — people are immersed in info-bunkers, hooked on the “information needle”, whipping up distrust and fear.

Purposefully blurring the boundaries between opinion and fact. The global system “stamps” a gadget-dependent type of passive consumer of information.

Sociologists testify that over the past 20 years, the Western mass society has replaced the rational critical way of thinking with an emotional-sensual one. Even today, people are not able to distinguish truth from lies. And the truth itself interests people less and less. “Man wants truth only to a limited extent,” Friedrich Nietzsche argued in his prophetic forecast, “he wants the pleasant, life-saving consequences of truth, and to pure knowledge without consequences he is indifferent and even hostile.” The global elite deliberately immerses people in the space of manipulation and lies, where the real picture of the world is rather exclusive, the right to which will be held only by a narrow group of elites who intend to rule the world.

And here’s what’s amazing — the great Dostoevsky prophesied about these technologies of mass mental insanity 150 years ago in his seminal novel, The Karamazov Brothers. The words of a mysterious visitor to Alyosha Karamazov accurately describe the current state of affairs on the fronts of the mental war between Russia and the West: “This is a spiritual, psychological matter. To remake the world in a new way, it is necessary that people themselves mentally turned to a different path. Everything will not be enough for everyone, and everyone will grumble, envy and destroy each other… For everyone in our age is divided into units, everyone retires into their own hole, they themselves push themselves away from people and push people away from them. For they have become accustomed to trusting in themselves alone, and have separated themselves from the whole as a unit; they have taught their soul not to believe in human help, in people, and in humanity, and only tremble that their money and their rights will be lost… Therefore, the idea of serving humanity, of the brotherhood and integrity of people, is becoming more and more extinct in the world…”

The West is a sick colossus with clay feet

Our restless fellow citizens in the conditions of total confrontation — a hybrid war “for the abolition and destruction of Russia”, which the West has announced to us — constantly ask themselves: is Russia doomed in this civilisational clash?

The very statement of such a question is not peculiar to the Russian person! Here we should think about how deeply the information and psychological operations carried out against our population by the enemy affected those who ask such questions. For rather on the contrary – there is a collective impotence of the West!

Yes, the West – United Europe and the United States – is still very powerful economically and militarily. But this system, faced with an existential threat, launched a mechanism of self-destruction.

The paradox is that the West, canceling the world order that has developed over the decades, cancels itself as the leader of this world!

The reason is not only the degradation of the local elites, but also the “accumulation of global falsehood and internal tension”, and as a result – the exhaustion of vitality, the zeroing of people’s passion, the rejection of the values on which Western civilisation was created.

The West in its current form is an immunodeficient monster, to which even small and weak impacts can cause fatal damage. The current West is a sick civilisational colossus with feet of clay.

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This is the main position from which we should proceed!

Our strength lies in our strong reliance on the traditions and spiritual and moral values of our multi-ethnic Russian millennial Russian civilisation.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky said that a person and society initially have free will, independently make a choice between good and evil, and also bear responsibility for their actions. The West has failed this test.

And what happened to Ukraine?

In fact, Ukrainian society also failed to pass the test of freedom of choice – the Evil that came from the West won there. And now, through suffering, redemption must surely come. All by Dostoevsky – read the classics!

There is a clinical case that requires surgical intervention – a formation that arose 30 years ago on the site of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic – it is painful — and it needs treatment, especially since this disease has begun to spread across the Russian world under external influence – today the Anglo-Saxons have moved an anti-Russian outpost to the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Yes, the SMO is the pain of the Russian world, it is victims and destruction. But there is no healing without suffering.

The controlled escalation of the proxy conflict involving the supply of weapons to the Free Trade zone has brought the West closer than ever to the “red lines” drawn by Russia. This is a dangerous challenge for the future of our civilisation.

What to do?

Wars of the 21st century are fought not so much for territory and resources, but for minds, knowledge and will, for the worldview of individual citizens and the entire enemy society. This is a mental war. It is aimed at the information field, the sphere of feelings, emotions, moods in order to occupy our spiritual space. The tools and technologies of mental warfare include informational and psycho-emotional components.

The West is trying to control the world through “expedient lies” and man-made chaos. Western propaganda in the information field around the SMO and our country works according to the principle: there is a tactical task — “events” are invented and falsifications are launched. Facts and conclusions have no meaning or weight here. The Empire of Lies is attacking!

Ukro-nazis, under the leadership of the British and Americans, implement all their military actions, first of all calculating the media effect.

We act exactly the opposite in the framework of our own coverage. Informationally, we only frame military operations. Dosed and carefully. It is our well-thought-out position to report only facts and real events.

And this is correct.

Because – power is in truth.

Because Russians are people with long will.

The main thing here is patience, concentration, composure and courage.

For the sake of Russia’s survival, we must become united to the point of solidity: the Government, Society, the Army, the Church, and creative elites. There is no doubt that most of the people are capable and ready to do this. But the question with the elites – many of whose representatives have a mentality from the 90s – is still open.

It is important to understand that the ideological and moral foundations of politics should be primary. Political technologies are only a tool, not a goal. Therefore, the Russian elite should be ideological — capable of living and acting for the sake of the high idea of serving the Motherland, in other words, the elite should serve, not rule. The purifying effect of the SMO and dramatic events on the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic helps to resolve this issue.

Special attention should also be paid to working with children and young people, which means education and upbringing. The enemies do not hide it — they came for our youth, for our children. This is directly spelled out in their doctrinal documents on overexertion and destruction of Russia.

The role of the state, the family, the school and the church in this mental war for our children is crucial. And here again we recall Dostoevsky, who spoke through the mouth of the elder Zosima: “Besides, a priest doesn’t have a job all year round. If he gathered at his house once a week, in the evening, at first only the children, the fathers would hear, and the fathers would start coming.”

The initial ideology of this policy has already been formulated by the President in the new edition of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, including in the section on the protection of traditional spiritual and moral values.

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We understand that Russia has incomparably smaller information and communication resources compared to the united West. If we want to win the information war, and in the end – the mental war with the West, we need to translate the fight into a different plane and win on our own field — the field of values and meanings, the field of truth.

We have less media resources — but more truth!

Let’s give an example of the very war of values that we are witnessing today: the day prior, an LGBT flag was raised over the Reichstag, which many saw as a deep symbolism of what is happening — the banner of spiritual poverty and moral decay. The solemn hoisting of the rainbow flag on the main building of Germany is a symbol of the capitulation of this leading EU country to the forces of Evil.

At the same time, we see our soldiers liberating the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from the nazis under the holy Banner of Victory and the banner with the Saviour, Image Not-Made-By-Hands. This is a symbolic illustration of the clash of Good and Evil going on in the space of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic — the Russian (in the ontological sense) world with the Western world. And in this civilisational struggle, truth and strength are on our side.

Russia, as a world leader in protecting traditional spiritual and moral values — is the very field that can attract billions of like-minded people around the world to our side: in the West – for the sake of saving us from the destructive ideology of gender diversity and the primacy of LGBT rights, which actually works to split society, and in the East – for the sake of consolidating healthy forces in a confrontation with the weakening Western hegemon, which has usurped the right to decide the fate of humanity without taking into account any traditions, ways of life and interests.

The early signing by the President of the Decree on the protection of traditional spiritual and moral values is the first step towards rebuilding our domestic field on the constructive rails of the majority ideology, which should be followed by others: signing the international Convention for the Protection of the Family – first with the EAEU countries, then, possibly, with BRICS and wider.

And then, as an option, the creation of the Eurasian Court of Human Rights on the basis of the signed Convention – as opposed to the biased and politicised European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The strategy of Russia’s mental security should be based on historical Russian traditions, justice and morality. And here one can not limit oneself only to informational fencing with the opponent. The strategy used to develop a mental clash with the enemy is primarily a field of values, where information confrontation is an operational level, cognitive confrontation is a tactical level, and mental scale is the expected strategic result in a long “generational” target horizon. The civilisational framework of this strategy draws the “red lines” of national interests, which are based on an ideology that binds society and the state, culture and spirit, history and future of Russia together in a single semantic framework.

Anna Shafran, Member of the Foreign and Defence Policy Council

Andrey Ilnitsky, Member of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, Full State Councillor of the Russian Federation, 3rd class

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