The Connection Between the Steinmeier Formula and the Bridge Terrorist Incident in Kiev

And here is why everything becomes extremely clear!!!

The disruption of the signing of the Steinmeier formula is connected to the seizure of Metro Bridge in Kiev and the subsequent threat to blow it up.

The Dneprovsky court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint for Aleksey Belko, who on September 18th seized Metro Bridge and promised to blow it up – 2 months of arrest with the possibility of bail (Part 4 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – hooliganism with the use of weapons). Bail was set at 288,000 hryvnia. The initial charge is preparation of an act of terrorism.

They want to completely protect Belko from being punished: the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov declared that he is willing to bail Belko, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, the deputy from Poroshenko’s party Yana Zinkevich, the commander of the “KORD” special forces, and the head of the Nazi organisation “C14Evgeny Karas, who in court urged to release Aleksey Belko, stood up for him.

Why such a sharp turn, and how is it connected to the Minsk process? In order to understand this, we look at the chronology of events:

14:00 – the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) for solving the situation in the East of Ukraine began in Minsk.

16:05 – the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko reported that he agrees to Steinmeier’s formula for solving the situation in Donbass.

17:00 – a gathering of people for the action “Normandy conspiracy is treachery!” against Steinmeier’s formula begins near the Office of President Zelensky.

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17:12 – in Kiev an unknown person threatens to blow up the bridge over the Dnieper, traffic on the bridge is blocked off. All special services urgently arrived at the scene.

In Minsk there are negotiations within the TCG and phone calls between Zelensky, Kuchma, and Pristayko. Sources say that the Ukrainian delegation refuses to sign Steinmeier’s formula, motivating it by saying that this document isn’t stipulated by the Minsk package of measures.

18:30 – in the media there is information that the bridge’s captor Aleksey Belko demands from the heads of state to stop the capitulation of Ukraine in Donbass.

At the same time, the Ukrainian side in Minsk officially states that it refuses to sign the agreed text of the Steinmeier formula sent via a special letter to the Contact Group by political advisers of the leaders of the Normandy Four states, including Andrey Yermak representing Ukraine.

19:36 – the terrorist who threatened to blow up the bridge in Kiev is detained by the SBU’s “Alfa” and “KORD” special forces.

The number of participants of the action near the Office of the President is 2,000 people. The organiser is the Nazi “C14” group. All special forces (the SBU, police, and the National Guard) at this moment are near the bridge, the Office of the President Zelensky is protected only by the Presidential Security Service, and Kiev is in gridlock.

Zelensky was inclined to sign Steinmeier’s formula, and gave the corresponding directive to the assistant Andrey Yermak, however he turned out to be a hostage of the situation: all special services came out to the place of the terrorist attack, the Office of the President is surrounded by 2,000 “C14” radicals demanding to not betray the interests of Ukraine versus several dozens of security service specialists of the President. If Zelensky didn’t withdraw his signature under Steinmeier’s formula, then in Ukraine there would be a coup: in such circumstances it would only take 15-20 minutes to capture the Office of the President. The situation unfolds. All of this is a carefully planned scenario.

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Those who have doubts should answer these questions:

  1. The length of the bridge is 700 meters, so why isn’t there any recording of Aleksey Belko from the cameras of cars passing by, the bridge what it was blocked in advance?
  2. Why wasn’t the terrorist liquidated by positioned snipers, since he was clearly visible?
  3. If Aleksey Belko shouted something out about his girlfriend Alena, so why would he need the flag of Ukraine on his windshield?
  4. How it is known that Aleksey Belko spoke about something, who could hear across a distance of 350 meters?

Terrorism is within the competence of the SBU.

How can it happen that in 24 hours a terrorist turned into a hooligan, his interrogation is carried out by the police, and the court makes a ruling with the possibility of bail?

In general, Avakov showed Zelensky that he should remain an untouchable minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or else.

Well, and finally: on September 22nd the US Congress stated that the Steinmeier formula is inadmissible.

Dmitry Todorov

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