The Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg: “It Is Honourable to Be a Fascist”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The consul of Ukraine in Hamburg Vasily Marushchinets published posted on his Facebook page posts with “anti-Semitic” contents. This was reported by the video blogger Anatoly Shariy in a video published on his YouTube channel [the research was originally done by Aleksandr Vosnesensky – ed].

As it follows from the posts on the page of the consul, he called to reconquer territories of Poland and Hungary. He also wrote that “it is honourable to be a fascist” and that he hates anti-fascists. In the comments the consul regularly spoke about Jews offensively.

Marushchinets shared articles justifying the Holocaust and deny the events in Babi Yar in Kiev in 1941.

As Shariy found out, Vasily Ivanovich Marushchinets is a consul in the Consulate General of Ukraine in Hamburg. The relevant information is posted on the official website of the consulate.

It is interesting that in the past the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine criticised the letter of 57 influential American congressmen to the State Department in connection with the growth of “anti-Semitism” in Ukraine, having called the accusations a “provocation”.

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