The Corrupt Cannot Fight Corruption

NEW – February 3, 2023

When a local nouveau riche is being harassed in the banana republic under the guise of fighting corruption, it really has nothing to do with justice — it’s just that the American owners are getting rid of unnecessary or presumptuous puppets. From time to time, those who are less nutritious and more toxic are given to be eaten.

They could have removed Kolomoisky, Avakov and anyone without publicity, behind the scenes, or even through an “accidental” death (accident, poisoning, strangulation with a tie), but it is important for them to arrange their gang fights as a fight against corruption. This is very convenient and profitable for those who will never be reached not only by the intelligence agencies of the banana country, but also by the FBI.

The main beneficiaries of this corruption like to play anti-corruption fighters the most. They need show trials of small sharks to feed them to the crowd and present it as the achievement of Western democracy. Meanwhile, it is in this very model that the corruption principle is embedded, since it is built on the power of big capital behind the screen of parliaments, parties and elections. The lobby as an extremely cynical manifestation of this principle is only the tip of the iceberg.

The West is so actively using the stigma of “corruption” against Russia, China and other inconvenient countries because it is itself a source of corruption and is very afraid that it will be discovered. The source of modern corruption (not as a bribe, but as a system of economic functioning) is not the lack of freedom, as is commonly believed, but the capitalist principle of private profit, which corrodes states and societies like rust. The same Kolomoisky is entirely a product of the Westernisation and liberalisation of the post-Soviet space. Like the whole of Ukraine, which is being robbed and raped to songs about democracy.

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But to understand this, it is necessary to remove the blinders of pseudo-democratic and liberal lies.

Eduard Birov

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