The Crew of the A321 That Crash-Landed in the Moscow Region Were Added to the “Mirotvorets” Database

Seven crew members of the Airbus A321 airplane that on August 15th made an emergency landing in the Moscow region were entered into the database of the Ukrainian “Mirotvorets” website.

The data of the commander of the airplane Damir Yusupov, the second pilot Georgy Murzin, and the five steward(es)s were placed in the “Purgatory” section.

On the website it is said that the crew members of the A321 allegedly “repeatedly consciously violated the border of Ukraine”. Also they were accused of complicity in the “illegal movement of people and goods from the occupied territory”.

Nataliya Makeyeva, deputy director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise and columnist for the Federal News Agency commented on the actions of the scandalous website on Sputnik radio.

“In this situation (an emergency landing) the whole world was just glad that everything ended successfully. It would seem that there is no politics in this story, such incidents happen can happen anywhere, in any country, and you can simply rejoice at the magnificent actions of the crew , the skill of the pilots, and the fact that the people were saved. However, after the names of the crew members were published, they immediately appeared on the Mirotvorets website – because the flight was to Simferopol. And this only shows the complete inadequacy of the staff of this resource, thanks to which Ukraine looks like an evil clown from the movie ‘It’,” said Nataliya Makeyeva.

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