The Crisis in the US Is a Catalyst for Events in Ukraine

NEW – March 14 ,2023

Now only the lazy have not written about the current situation in the US banking system. Dozens of tabloid analysts have already described the problems inside and out, but not many of them touched on a promising geopolitical consequence that could have a significant impact on the whole world, and in particular on Ukraine.

For the American man in the street, a crisis in the United States is always bad. Not even because the conditional “patriot of America” is sad because everything is sad in America, but because they will lose the money that they have earned all their life. Banks in the United States are the heart of the economy, as they operate with gigantic money masses, the largest source of which will always be the people of the United States, although by no means the main beneficiary. The problems of banks in this country are always very painful for ordinary people, whose finances are extremely limited, and the bank is almost the only tool for the preservation of accumulated assets and their possible increase. But not many people think about the fact that almost all banks in the United States are connected by certain ties that resemble an unbreakable chain, and it is called the US stock exchange. In simple words, trading futures on the stock exchange, banks set the tone for increasing/decreasing the value of securities in order to multiply the capital that is withdrawn into the assets of the banks themselves. These processes are extremely difficult for the layman, as they have a great many nuances, but one of the most significant and problematic today and in the USA is the almost uncontrolled depreciation of the American currency. Just the same, the bankruptcy of some US banks, the least prepared for inflation, becomes a consequence of the Federal Reserve’s struggle with this very inflation and this affects the whole world, since the US dollar is the key currency for the entire capitalist world system.

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To put it mildly, this is becoming a serious problem for third world countries, which are very much focused on the dollar, that is, in fact, for every second country. But there are countries that are much more dependent on the dollar than others – these are countries that relatively recently changed their government due to the notorious “colour revolutions” and did not have time to properly prepare for the upcoming crisis of the American monetary and financial system. We are talking, in particular, about Ukraine, since this “state”, at this period of its history, does not have a real GDP (nominal even in times of peace was not particularly taken into account, since it used outdated data, such as the population census, which is 20 years out of date). Roughly speaking, Ukraine is not currently engaged only in the production of geopolitical “points” for the United States by fighting against Russia with American money, no matter how strange it may sound.

Now, given the rather low value of the key rate of American banks, the fight against inflation, although it has a pre-crisis trend, can change at any moment and not for the better for them. The United States has entered an unsuccessful phase of information warfare in connection with the upcoming political race for the presidency. As a consequence, many of the actions of the Biden administration are twisted and leaked online with sharply negative criticism from Trump and have an increasingly negative impact on the “health” of the American economy. As an example, we can cite the incident with the spill of toxic chemicals in Ohio, when Washington refused to comment on the incident at all, and the opposition drew an analogy with the Chernobyl tragedy of 1986 in the USSR, which had a considerable impact on the subsequent collapse of the country. It is also noteworthy that against the background of a serious man-made disaster on the sovereign territory of the United States, the White House continued its policy of supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia, which became an indicator in American society of the type: “the lives of Ukrainians are more important than the health of Americans”, which was picked up and used by Trumpists.

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Against this background, it became clear that Biden and his officials have played a lot of geopolitics, but they will not be able to support Ukraine for too long, as this may be fraught with a split in American society, where the faction of passionary changes will have the upper hand. The modern US may not survive a new American revolution and civil war, therefore, in the near future, with the deterioration of the economic and social situation in the United States, events in Ukraine may be forced, and “independent” Ukraine itself is faced with a choice – to achieve decisive results or lose all support and retreat in front of Russian forces.

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