The “De-Russification” of Ukraine Continues Unabated Under Zelensky

As Maks Buzhansky reported, Vakhtang Kipiani – another nationalist fanatic, Poroshenko bot, and grant-eater, who demanded to decommunise the metro station and Leo Tolstoy Square in Kiev – may be appointed as the head of the Institute of National Memory.

“Decommunisation in Ukraine must move on to the next logical stage: it is necessary to be involved in de-Russification or decolonisation in the country.

This was stated by the journalist and historian Vakhtang Kipiani during a chat on ‘Glavred‘.

According to him, the most striking example is dozens of streets with names like Belomorskaya, Kostromskaya, Eniseisk, Moskovskaya, meaning the ‘eternal friendship’ of Ukraine with Russia. Or the name of Leo Tolstoy: in our country it is a street, a square, a metro station, a library, and so on.

‘Isn’t this a bit too much for a person whose travelling around in Kiev? When I wrote about in on Facebook, there was the popular reproach that he is a person of global importance. I especially looked at all stations of all Russian subways – in one Russian city there is no Leo Tolstoy station. There isn’t one in Paris or in London either,’ noted Kipiani.

Therefore, the global importance of this writer ‘is a little bit exaggerated’, he considers”.

I want to remind that the glorifier of the collaborator Stepan Bandera – Vakhtang Kipiani, who Maks Buzhansky reported as being Vyatrovich‘s possible replacement as the head of the Institute of National Memory, and who “became famous” for the fact that under the sensitive guidance of Savik Shuster he tried to introduce in “Great Ukrainians” the sex maniac and cat-strangler Bandera, who announced Ukrainians and Russians are ‘different races’, and was also one of the chief myth makers of the past decade – in the past threatened Kiev historian and author of “non-Russian Rus” Aleksandr Karevin with the fate of Oles Buzina:

Andrey Manchuk, Miroslava Berdnik

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