The Deadly Virus of Ukrainism

The story of the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from coronavirus-struck China is telling in every respect. Let us not pretend that we have not encountered similar ones in other countries, including in Russia. But only similar, not identical.

In Russia, in the village of Varna in the Chelyabinsk region, the local population opposed the placement of Chinese coronavirus patients in the local sanatorium.

There are cases of Chinese phobia around the world associated with the disease.

But we note the significant differences between the situations known to us and what happened in Ukraine. So, firstly, as was said, in Varna the population opposed the placement of patients, and in Ukraine – against healthy people quarantined due to arrival from the epicentre of the disease. Secondly, around the world they oppose foreigners (Chinese), but in Ukraine they opposed their own. The rest of the world is trying to save its own. Thirdly, in the same Varna, people protested against placing patients in inappropriate conditions, unable to ensure their guaranteed separation from healthy people. After negotiations with the leadership of the region, the issue was resolved and the problem immediately settled. Let me remind you that when healthy Russians removed from China were quarantined near Tyumen, there was no mention of protests.

So, all over the world people protest against the sick and alien (foreigners), and demand not just to drive them somewhere, but to ensure proper conditions of isolation. In Ukraine people protest against the healthy and their own. At the same time they demand to remove them from sight to anywhere, and it is better to just kill them. Threats to burn the unfortunate were being made throughout the country.

And it’s not mass insanity. We have every reason to talk about a planned action against President Zelensky. The actions were too well organised. It’s too clear that someone organised the leakage of confidential information in real time, it’s too clear that Maidan technologies appeared and too clear that there was an emphasis on forcing a confrontation and rejecting any compromise. The latter is also a Maidan technology aimed at ensuring that the authorities cannot find common ground with the protesters, even if they want to.

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It is hardly an immediate overthrow of Zelensky. There is too much risk that the West will not understand or appreciate such a move. And without the support of the West, no government in Ukraine will last long. It is therefore a matter of discrediting the President, intimidating him, and making him an absolutely obedient tool in the hands of the organisers of the sabbath.

Who are they?

Given that Zelensky was already obedient to Kolomoisky (although not all of the latter’s wishes were fulfilled, there was no direct refusal to comply with them – it was only a matter of time), it would be logical to assume that the reformatting of the president was necessary for the political opponents of Kolomoisky – Soros’ group.

They placed a stake on the Goncharuk government and by some miracle it is Goncharuk who is still emerging as the main beneficiary in this crisis. Zelensky is guilty of everything – “he brought an infection to Ukraine”, whereas Goncharuk was engaged in direct negotiations with local residents (or at least this is what the press service of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers reported) – he worked by contrast – “corrected” “Zelensky’s mistakes”.

The day prior Soros won two battles against Kolomoisky: he defended the government of Goncharuk during the scandal with the wiretapping of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. The replacement of Bogdan Ermak could have happened and, most likely, happened without the participation of Soros, but objectively proved to be beneficial to him as well. Searches carried out on the TV channel “1+1” by the SBU (which is led by Bakanov, who is close to Zelensky), also put Kolomoisky in the minus. It is time for Soros to consolidate success and intercept control of the president from Kolomoisky.

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Zelensky is a coward. This has been well known since 2014, when, after the first shout and threat to send him to the ATO, he dramatically changed his attitude towards the coup in general and the militants in particular, loved the latter and made anti-Russian statements. Therefore, if Zelensky is properly frightened, he does not have to be replaced by another person. And what can scare him more than a demonstration of the country’s complete readiness for mutiny because of a mere trifle – a few dozen healthy citizens must spend two weeks in quarantine? So it is possible to organise a mutiny also because the morning is gloomy or winter was snowless.

The complete, irrational manageability of the crowd that Ukrainian society has finally turned into has also been perfectly demonstrated.

Firstly, nationalists (or people who consider themselves to be nationalists) do not even think that in terms of the ideology they profess, they should worry about and support their fellow citizens in trouble. Even if people evacuated from China were sick, normal society would not turn away from them, but try to provide any possible assistance. But not in the case of Ukraine.

Secondly, by denying the state the opportunity to place evacuees for quarantine anywhere, society encourages the authorities to simply quietly dissolve them without quarantine, significantly increasing the risk of a hotbed of epidemic in Ukraine. I.e., by fighting quarantine, people do not strengthen their security, but weaken it. This is easy to understand, but they do not understand, which means that they have lost the ability to think critically, without which it is impossible to adequately assess even the simplest situation. I.e., they are completely controlled by their puppeteers.

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Thirdly, the level of unmotivated malice and cruelty, as well as the willingness to kill innocent people who pose no danger to you only because they lived in China when the coronavirus started to spread there, is astonishing. This means that they will be no less willing and no less cruel to kill people and for any other far-fetched reason.

Actually, what happened was what I was writing about long before 2014. During the growing civil confrontation (which resulted in the civil war in 2014), the level of atomisation of society reached the limit. Systems based on group interests cease to operate. The “covenants of Maidan” no longer brings its adherents closer together. The level of operating systems has decreased to family size at best, at worst the system closes in on each individual “self”. Each individual perceives themselves as a super-value, and all others as competitors in the struggle for the resources necessary for the survival of this very “self”.

The process has come to its logical conclusion. Following the destruction of the economy and the imbalance of the management vertical, society also disappeared.

Instead of the Ukrainian nation, the local Nazis created a crowd of greedy, extremely stupid, and envious individuals competing hard against each other for material goods.

Such a crowd can really be thrown against anyone at any moment. It is enough simply to say (without proving anything) that the victim has encroached on the material goods that each member of the mob considers to be rightfully owned by them personally.

Zelensky was given a demonstration performance. It’s now his move. Except he has nowhere to go and nothing to do. In the plague barracks of Ukrainism he is not a doctor, he’s not a nurse, but only one of the patients.

Rostislav Ishchenko

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