The Death of Gandzyuk Revealed the Pathology of the System

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ekaterina Gandzyuk, the Kherson activist and the participant of the “orange revolution” [2004 coup – ed] and “revolution of dignity” [2014 coup – ed], has died as a result of the attempt to kill her with the use of sulphuric acid committed on July 31st…

Her colleague-activists immediately carried out a series of memorial events outside the windows of various offices of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, demanding to find and punish the culprits. Even the citizen Poroshenko didn’t remain on the sidelines: “I want to appeal to law enforcement bodies to do everything possible so that the murderers are found, trialled, and punished. And all of us should combine efforts so that this happens, to jointly help law enforcement bodies and police so that the evil is punished”.

73 public organisations made a joint statement: “We are outraged by the state of the investigation into attacks on public activists and their murders and we demand to dismiss the leadership of the Kherson police, which from the very beginning sabotaged the investigation into attack on Ekaterina Gandzyuk, and we also demand the resignation of the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who sabotaged the reform of law enforcement bodies in Ukraine”.

It is characteristic that the identity of the suspects has long been known by the investigation and the public. 5 “hero” ATO militants are justifiably suspected of carrying out the assassination attempt: Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Viktor Gorbunov, Vladimir Vasyanovich, Sergey Torbin, and Nikita Grabchuk. At the same time, Torbin appears as the organiser of the attempt, and Grabchuk — as the performer. Moreover, at first the malefactors, trying to justify themselves, said that they wanted to pour acid not on the dear activist of Maidan, but on a “separatist”. But they supposedly made a mistake.

I will dare to affirm that the brotherhood that burns candles near the Ministry of Internal Affairs wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if “ATO heroes” poured acid on some “separatist” — after all, they can be burned with impunity (like in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014, where in the House of Trade Unions on Kulikovo field about 50 people [the official, politically correct figure – ed] were burned alive). By the way, on social networks doing the rounds is a screenshot where Gandzyuk herself in May, 2014 thanked the “Odessa patriots” for “stopping mould”, i.e., for the fact that they killed these people. “Not a drop of pity, because they also wouldn’t have pity for any of us,” wrote Ekaterina on her Facebook page.

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Hypocritical “activists” are silent about the “justificatory” motive that the detained ATO militants expressed concerning their monstrous crime; official “human rights activists” are silent about Ukrainian political prisoners; the Kiev media is silent about the killed inhabitants of the LDPR. But as soon as the order from above is received, their eyes start to open.

“They are soldier-volunteers, real war heroes, one of them had to amputate a leg after receiving a severe combat wound. And it is because of this that the crime that they committed is more terrible, and their responsibility is heavier,” hypocritically said the chief singer of the coup Yury Butusov. “It seems to me that in such a case there is a need for a jury and the maximum speed of consideration, for which there is a need for a qualitative structure of the judges. I don’t know if it’s possible in the Kherson region, but I understand that it is the most logical reaction of the state”. And doesn’t Mr Butusov want to care about other cases — when political prisoners languish for years behind bars, the hundreds of cases of violence in the ATO zone, and the persecution of dissidents and rampant censorship?

Of course not. Ukraine turned into a state where people of different grades live. Segregation is possible here not only by skin colour (which is implied in an ultra-nationalist state), but also by distinguishing civil rights on linguistic grounds, on the degree of sympathy for Russia, and on religious preferences. The most ridiculous thing is that “Maidan activists” at the same time have the nerve to dream about an “advanced and enlightened Europe”.

As a pathetic justification, the “activists” always blame the “hand of Moscow” for everything: Ukrainian neo-Nazis staged an uproar on the Rome subway — it is a provocation of Moscow (claims Dmitry Tymchuk). ATO militants threw a grenade at the window of the leader of the neo-Nazi “C14” group Sergey Mazur – it is also the FSB that did it. And Maidan patriots even accuse each other of being “Moscow spies” — from Poroshenko and Tymoshenko to Medvedchuk and Tyagnibok.

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It is possible to argue with “Maidan activists” only having overcome natural disgust — that’s how slippery and false they are. The journalist of “Al Jazeera” Mehdi Hassan asked the former “activist” and nowadays Vice-Prime-Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze whether or not it is true that the speaker Parubiy is related to the ultra-right.

Klympush-Tsintsadze lies as she breathes. And Parubiy’s participation in the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly is well-known — up to photos of his participation in the organisation’s marches, and the ultra-right in the Ukrainian parliament are also represented — for example, Biletsky and Yarosh. And this pathologically false lady is professionally involved in the “European integration” of Ukraine. But other Euro-integrators in Ukraine are no less false than she is: allegedly, there was no Volyn massacre, there was no infringements of the rights of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, and the murders of dozens of children in Donbass didn’t happen …

The social contract (which makes up the foundations of the state) must entail a system of moral values — even at the level of a feudal oath of fidelity to a suzerain. Being in a system of false coordinates, the functionaries of the current Ukrainian state plunged feet-first into the process of destroying and plundering Ukraine, and that’s why they definitively lost the moral imperative. Being absolutely teflon, or in other words – dishonest, became their special quality.

The only truth available in their mind is the concept of “success” dictated by consumer society values. They will push the country only where it is profitable for them personally. What’s bad for them is, allegedly, not needed by the country either — for example, long-awaited peace in Donbass. Here is, for example, what Zoryan Shkiryak said: “Anyone who today speaks about ‘peace at any price’, is a frank liar and manipulator. Because each of us wants peace. But peace at what price? We have two paths to peace: victory or capitulation. Ukraine doesn’t have any other options! Period”.

Indeed! Mr Shkiryak, with one stroke of his tongue, cancelled all the history of world diplomacy – this sophisticated art of searching for compromises. And all of this is because Mr Shkiryak doesn’t personally need peace — it’s not his children who perish at the frontline. “We shouldn’t allow this! Too much blood has been shed! And not only in four years of war, but in 350 years of Russia’s occupation of our land. This is enough, we are fed up!”, said the ventriloquist, who is glorified only because of his participation in Euromaidan and his trip to the Himalayas with his mistress using the tax payer’s money. Nowadays the salary of the adviser to the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is 25,000 hryvnia, plus any bonuses and minus concrete duties. In short – he doesn’t struggle in life, but everyone else has to fight at the frontline.

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