The Difference Between Humans and Terrorists

NEW – April 5, 2022

You know what hooked me the most in the new brutal video of the murder of our fighters. They didn’t die in battle, they were killed in cold blood when they were already captured.

One of our fighters is twitching and wheezing. He is finished off with machine gun shots under satisfied comments. At first I assumed that the wheezing was the result of a bullet hitting a lung. But the camera pulls out one of the dead. White armband on the sleeve, hands tied behind his back. Exactly like in the frames from Bucha, similar handwriting.

They didn’t die from bullets. Under each of the paratroopers is a large pool of scarlet blood. This doesn’t happen after a gunshot wound. Most likely they were ambushed and captured by animals in military uniforms.  The tied hands indicate this.  And then their throats were cut one by one – the wheezing points exactly to this.

The bastards who are recording their most real war crime are devoid of reflection, shame and moral limitations that distinguish us, humans, from terrorist scum like ISIS. The same inhumans with bandages of henchmen and chevrons of the SS Galicia division 80 years ago impaled babies on bayonets, broke bone after bone of the partisans, drove women and old men into sheds, setting them on fire and enjoying the screams of horror.

They are proud of their infernal cruelty, shoot a video, send it to friends, and maybe even to relatives: “Look, mum, what a wonderful son you have raised. I’m already cutting throats myself.” I wonder what Mom thinks about her murderous child.

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And against this background, a bearded Chechen officer from the National Guard of the Russian Federation  (who, I have no doubt, can cut off the enemy’s head) gives a lecture on the friendship of peoples to a battalion of captured Ukrainian marines. 260 people surrendered to Russian troops in Mariupol the day before, knowing that they would not be tortured. That they will not be shot, their throats will not be cut, they will be kept warm, fed, treated if necessary. And they will return home to their mother fat and pink. This is the difference between us – between humans and crazed animal-terrorists.

Aleksandr Kots

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