The Disengagement of Troops in the Donbass “Grey Zone” Was Disrupted by “Azov” Militants

Nazis from “Azov“, led by Biletsky, refused to satisfy the conditions for the disengagement of troops in Zolotoye and said that they won’t leave the settlement.

The disengagement of troops near the settlements of Petrovsky and Zolotoye in the Lugansk region was supposed to start today, October 7th, however it will not happen. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko at a press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs.

If they stay there, then of course there will be no disengagement of troops, even for a simulation of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

For Zelensky and Co, the problem is that if the disengagement doesn’t take place and the long ago announced meeting of the Normandy Four doesn’t take place, then the fault of Ukraine in this will be very obvious.

At the same time, this show of restiveness obviously undermines Zelensky and Kolomoisky‘s attempts to lay claim to the state monopoly on violence. However, considering the fact that Avakov has remained in the Ukrainian system of power (and Avakov has patrons in Washington who prevented his resignation under Poroshenko at the time), there is nothing surprising that neo-Nazi gangs protected by Avakov continue to show their activity concerning a variety of issues.

PS. And there’s more. Poroshenko and Biletsky on Ukrainian TV find out who is the bigger Ukro-patriot.

National Corpus from Zolotoye in Donbass reports about 8 recorded facts of shelling on Ukrainian positions and announces the installation of outposts (!) They say that the ‘silence regime’ doesn’t work, and the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops is called a crime of the authorities and a catastrophe.

By the way, according to our information, Poroshenko’s team is now actively discussing the issue of what to do with Biletsky, who works on increasing the stakes and actively ‘hijacks the microphone’. Different options are being considered, including the visit of Poroshenko along with his ‘last general’, Mikhail Zabrodsky, to Zolotoye. But so far this is being discussed without much enthusiasm and are thinking about concentrating their efforts on Kiev, on continuing the ‘spontaneous’ flashmobs ‘No to capitulation’ in regions. But in the meantime, Poroshenko’s team is also aware that they cannot monopolise influence on the situation – on October 14th there will be a traditional march and both camps will clash on one ‘field’.

The aim of Poroshenko’s team is clear – to take the title of the chief critic of the signing of the ‘Steinmeier formula‘ away from Biletsky. How to achieve this isn’t yet understand. But new activities are planned.

We stock up with popcorn.”

“After hundreds of ‘Azov’ militants arrived to Zolotoye and said that they wanted to spit on any disengagement of sides, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that the disengagement was disrupted… because of the DPR and LPR. Well even if in such an absurd situation the Ukrainian government try to pin, in the most stupid way, its own inability to bring elementary order at home on ‘the actions of the LDPR’, then it becomes absolutely clear why in principle Kiev needs the war in Donbass to continue.”

Colonel Cassad

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