The Division of Children into “Three Kinds” Leads Ukraine to Nazism and Definitive Collapse

Former Minister of Justice of Ukraine Elena Lukash said that children in the country were divided “into three kinds”. Internet users called it a direct road to its collapse.

On the Ukrainian channel “NewsOne” Lukash criticised the policy of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his party “Servants of the People“. According to the former Minister, instead of the promised revision of discriminatory laws, the new government continues to embody the slogan of the previous one – “Army, language, faith“.

Thus, the law on education adopted by Rada actually divides Ukrainian children into “three kinds”, said Lukash. The first “kind” includes children who speak Ukrainian. The second is those who speak the languages of the European Union. And lastly, the new norms of Ukrainian legislation refer to Russian-speaking children as the third “kind”.

Internet users supported Lukash in criticising the policy of the authorities of Ukraine. The commenters believe that such division is a direct path to Kiev’s establishment of actual Nazism as a norm of state policy. Many draw parallels with the establishment of racial theory in Hitler’s Germany.

According to users, after the “division into kinds” of the younger generation, Ukraine should expect the rapid division of the country itself according to the same principle outlined by it. Social network users are convinced that this is a bullet point in the plan of the overseas curators of Kiev aimed at the definitive elimination of the remnants of the Soviet Union. At the same time, such a scenario can become positive for Russia and Russian speakers, as they will be able to return to their historical Motherland, where no one will oppress them on linguistic grounds.

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Grigory Egorov

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