The DPR Asked the OSCE to Publish the Video of Ukraine’s Attack on a Utility Services Vehicle

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The representation of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire regime (JCCC) appealed to the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE with a request to publish the video of the attack on an official vehicle of the “Water of Donbass” company.

The representation of the DPR in the JCCC explained that after the incident the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” published a video of the attack on the vehicle of the housing and communal services that was allegedly made by the OSCE SMM surveillance camera that is installed on the territory of the Donetsk Filtration Station (DFS).

The department noted that only representatives of the OSCE SMM have access to the material of this camera.

In this regard the representation of the DPR appealed to the special monitoring mission of the OSCE to publish the video showing the attack, and also requested the full version of the video shown on the TV channel from the Ukrainian side, said a representative of the DPR in the JCCC to journalists.

Meanwhile the website of the OSCE SMM published information about members of the mission’s patrol talking to all three men who found themselves in hospital in Yasinovataya as a result of the attack. According to them, the explosion happened approximately at noon when they were clearing away the snow just near their work vehicle.

One of the men, who introduced himself as a mechanic of the “Water of Donbass” company, had a bandage on the left side of his chest and back. The medical staff of the hospital reported to the SMM that the man received 12 wounds to his chest and back, according to their assessment, from shrapnel, and remained in a state of shock.

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The second man introduced himself as the driver of “Water of Donbass”. He was also in a state of shock, but he had no visible damage, but he said that he doesn’t remember anything besides the explosion.

Also, the observers talked to a third man who introduced himself as a mechanic of the same enterprise. Members of the team saw that he had bruises on the left side of his face and on his hands, and he was trembling everywhere. The victim told the observers that he doesn’t remember anything about the incident except the explosion itself.

The day prior the observers visited one of the facilities of “Water of Donbass” in Mineralnoye where the employee of the enterprise accompanied them to a truck. According to the statements of the personnel, it was that truck that was damaged as a result of the incident on January 10th. At this location observers saw a ZIL-131 truck: the body had been completely burned, and there were big holes on each side of the vehicle — one on the right and left sides, respectively.

According to the SMM, the damage was probably the result of the hit of a 73mm shell that was fired by an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-1) cannon or a SPG9.

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