The DPR Disproved Ukraine’s Fake Information About the Capture of a Village on the Svetlodarsk Arc

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The official representative of the operative command of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov stated during a briefing that the video released by Ukrainian propagandists about the “heroic” capture of the settlement of Rassadki by the Kiev Armed Forces on the Svetlodarsk arc is disinformation.

“We cannot but pay attention to the hilarious fake of the Ukrainian special operations troops from the film studio of the visionary Nayev ‘He shamed himself’ about the alleged capture of the settlement of Rassadki on the Svetlodarsk arc. It should be noted that this material aims not to show the absent power of the paramilitary groups of Ukraine, but to focus attention on the leading role that Nayev plays in preparing primitive fakes. We don’t yet know who to blame – Nayev for his stupid inventions, or his thugs for their incompetent implementation,” said Bezsonov.

He also noted that in the video there is a number of facts that disastrous for the Ukrainian military personnel and discredit them. The first: the lack of any resistance from the side of the DPR militia, which demonstrates that the settlement was never under the control of the republic.

“Pay attention to how the Ukrainian military personnel enter the settlement and do not encounter any positions of the People’s militia along the way. This fact disproves the idea of it being found earlier under the DPR’s control. And Nayev should pay attention to the non-equipped positions of the Ukrainian occupiers, who near the settlement did not even find the time to fully dig trenches. Most likely, this settlement is so important for the Ukrainian militants that they did not even start to dig there,” noted the representative of the Defense Ministry.

In addition, according to him, in the UAF’s propaganda video there is an even more serious failure.

“The video shows the front of the leaflet that was distributed last week by the People’s militia above the positions of the Ukrainian troops is shown. On the reverse side of the leaflet there is a written appeal addressed to the Ukrainian militants to stop implementing the criminal orders of their leaders and to come over to the side of the People’s militia in order to jointly liberate Ukraine from oligarchical slavery,” reported the head of the press service of the DPR militia.

Also, Daniil Bezsonov highlighted the comments made by the Ukrainian public that deride the stupid actions of the Ukrainian occupiers.

“Such a low-standard production does not survive elementary criticism. We do not exclude that the Ukrainian volunteer Yury Mysyagin, who now works more for the benefit of the republics than against them, will produce another failure for the terrorists,” concluded the representative of the DPR militia.

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