The DPR Found Evidence That the UAF Understates Its Material Losses by 100 Times

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The report of the public organisationSprut has fallen into the hands of the DPR Armed Forces. It is a financial document about the actual damage suffered by the Ukrainian army during the armed operation in Donbass and also as a result of the fires in military warehouses in Svatovo and Balakleya.

This was stated during a briefing by the official representative of the Defense Ministry of DPR Armed Forces Eduard Basurin.

“Proceeding from the information in this document, the Ukrainian authorities have understated the official material losses by more than 100 times. And it means that the command of the UAF has understated the quantity of destroyed artillery systems, tanks, fighting vehicles, automotive, and special vehicles. For example, residual cost:

• a jet/helicopter costs from 11 to 45 million hryvnia;

• a T-64 tank – 7 million hryvnia;

• a BMP – 5 million hryvnia;

• URAL or KAMAZ trucks – about 350,000 hryvnia.

If we approximately divide equally the sum of losses, and then we divide it into the cost of military equipment, then according to this rough calculation the punishers of the UAF and National Guard have lost:

• no less than 50 tanks;

• no less than 80 fighting vehicles;

• no less than 1000 units of automotive and special vehicles.

• the number of aircraft equipment is known – 11 units.

These figures say that this war costs Ukrainians very much, and leads to impoverishment. All the burden of making up for material damage lies only on the shoulders of the ordinary Ukrainian people, who sacrifice themselves at a time when Poroshenko and his immediate environment divides up amongst themselves the credit money of the IMF and become fatter from the profits of the war,” said Basurin.

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