The DPR Militia Described How Ukrainian Propagandists Faked a UAF Incursion into Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The chief of the press service of the DPR Armed Forces Daniil Bezsonov at a briefing on May 16th spoke about how Ukrainian propaganda once again performed a “successful” offensive operation of the UAF in the OUF zone [the former “ATO” – ed].

“Ukrainian militants distributed information about carrying out in our rear a ‘resolute raid, fight, and seizure of certain weapons’. Despite the fact that this nonsense is misinformation, we ask the OSCE SMM to pay attention to statements of this sort, according to which the UAF command officially confirms the commission of war crimes and gross violations of the Minsk Agreements.

We also demand from representatives of the OSCE SMM to document the forbidden weapons – that were allegedly taken from our rear – that the UAF promised to store in the established places of storage, and to be sure to verify the number of mortars and include them in the database of weapons that are subject to withdrawal. And also to check that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will transfer them to the established places of withdrawal, and that this fact will be reflected in the official report of the OSCE Mission,” said Daniil Bezsonov.

He also advised Ukrainian bloggers, “in revenge” for the ban on disseminating negative information about the OUF, to deride the non-professionalism of UAF propagandists creating such fantastical fakes.

“Now the Ukrainian occupiers will have to present to international observers of the OSCE SMM real mortars that weren’t earlier accounted for by the Mission and were near the contact line. Well, of course, and to exclude the possibility of their subsequent use against civilians of the DPR.

The most funny thing in this ridiculous information published by the press center of the headquarters of the OUF is the fact that, logically speaking, allegedly the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance group entered 6 kilometres into Donetsk, since it is at this distance according to the rules of war that 120mm mortar units are located. I.e., there is nothing more stupid than to declare the capture of these weapons. I propose to the Ukrainian bloggers, who Nayev [commander of the OUF – ed] since yesterday providently banned from opening their mouth, to deride this topic in more detail,” added Daniil Bezsonov.

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