The DPR Proved the Involvement of the UAF in the Disappearance of the OSCE’s Drone

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The official representative of the operative command of the DPR Eduard Basurin, during a briefing on November 13th, provided proof of the participation of the Ukrainian army’s air defenses in the loss of the drone of the OSCE Mission on October 27th.

In particular, he reported that the search events held by the Armed Forces of the DPR within the framework of rendering assistance to the OSCE SMM to find the pilotless device that went missing on October 27th, 2018 did not bring actual results.

“According to the information that is available to us, it is authentically known that on October 20th, 2018 Nayev gave an oral command to commanders of operational-tactical groups to ‘suppress’ and destroy all flying devices carrying out reconnaissance in the areas where the UAF has concentrated forbidden weapons. In turn, the commanders of the operational-tactical groups of the UAF brought the order of the Commander of the ‘OUF‘ Lieutenant-General Nayev to the subordinate staff. All of this is confirmed in the reports of the OSCE SMM, in which the facts of the UAF’s use of means of electronic warfare for the purpose of suppressing control channels of the OSCE’s unmanned aerial vehicles are repeatedly specified,” reported Eduard Basurin.

He also added that in the report of the OSCE SMM published on November 9th it is specified: “An SMM mini-UAV temporarily lost its GPS signal again, assessed as due to jamming, while flying over Chermalyk (government-controlled, 31km north-east of Mariupol)”.

In addition, according to the intelligence data of the Armed Forces of the DPR, in the specified area a mobile group belonging to the structure of the 58th separate brigade of the UAF carries out electronic warfare.

“Despite the direct proof of the UAF’s participation in blocking the operation of the OSCE’s drone, the Ukrainian media continues to mislead the world community, blaming the Russian Federation for the loss on October 27th of the mission’s drone,” noted the representative of the operative command of the DPR.

He also stated that while carrying out an internal investigation within the framework of assisting in the search of the OSCE SMM’s drone, circumstances allowing to clear up the situation became known to the intelligence of the DPR.

“The mobile group carried out electronic warfare near the settlement of Kurakhovo (2 km from the location of the ‘mobile base’ where the SMM launches its distant radius drones in the settlement of Stepanovka) during the period from October 26th to October 27th and left the specified area at about 4.00 on October 27th.

Besides this, we have information about the on duty anti-aircraft weapons of the 28th brigade of the UAF being brought to combat readiness at 23:00 on October 26, with the deployment of units to combat positions,” said Eduard Basurin.

He also noted that the intelligence of the Armed Forces of the DPR has proof that the drone of the OSCE Mission crossed the line of demarcation towards the territory controlled by the UAF and did not come back.

“At 02:15 on October 27 the radar detection tools of the Armed Forces of the DPR recorded an aircraft that presumably belongs to the OSCE SMM crossing the contact line at a height of 2,000 meters in the direction of Ukraine. At 02:25 the specified aircraft left the field of vision of the radar station and disappeared over the territory controlled by the UAF.

Thus, we can affirm that the OSCE SMM aircraft is on the territory controlled by Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side purposefully hides it for the purpose of blaming the DPR for the disappearance of the drone,” reported the colonel.

He expressed regret that the OSCE Mission does not inform the Armed Forces of the DPR about the flights of its drones, unlike the Ukrainian side, which has all the necessary information to stage the destruction of the drone by the air defenses of the Republic.

“I would like to point out that the OSCE SMM, by declaring the implementation of all established notification procedures before the flight, indirectly confirmed the participation of the UAF in the loss, since it possessed all necessary information to stage the destruction of the mission’s drone by the units of the Armed Forces of the DPR. No notices or other documents regarding planned flights were received by the Armed Forces of the DPR, despite our numerous written appeals to the OSCE SMM,” stated Basurin.

He concluded by stating that DPR intelligence obtained a document in which the UAF soldiers are told how to hide equipment from OSCE observers.

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“We received a document in our hands that describes what the Ukrainian military has to do in order to hide the equipment located near the contact line so that the OSCE mission’s drones can’t see it,” said Eduard Basurin.

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