The DPR Reacted to the Demand of Ukraine to Dissolve the Donbass Republics

Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin:

“The Ukrainian authorities aren’t going to implement the Minsk Agreements and achieve peace. Instead it wriggles and dodges. And the amount of shelling increases

The Minsk Agreements can be implemented only on the condition of the dissolution of all power structures of Ukraine and the dismantling of its ill statehood. The Ukrainian state must be liquidated as illegitimate, since it was created as a result of a coup d’etat and external interference in 2014. And it continues to be propped up from the outside.

It is necessary to establish a new, actually independent Ukraine from scratch. This must be done by a free decision of all its territories. And to recognise at the same time the right of regions not to enter into the new state. It will be fair.

And with this fair Ukraine that will succeed today’s false power it will be possible to reach an agreement on the implementation of the Minsk Package of measures”.

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