The DPR Responded to Kiev’s Continual Shelling of Kominternovo

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The army of the DPR suppressed the Ukrainian weapon emplacements in the southern sector of the frontline in response to the shelling of civilian houses in the settlement of Kominternovo.

The Ukrainians shelled the settlement for several days using artillery forbidden by the Minsk Agreements, and as a result damage was sustained by civilian houses, the building of the former post office, and a shop in the central square.

It is interesting that, according to the war correspondent Mikhail Andronik, employees of the international monitoring mission of the OSCE are usually located in this area.

In response fighters of the DPR Armed Forces suppressed the weapon emplacements of the UAF near Talakovka, after which the Ukrainians stopped trying to open fire.

“Defenders of the Republic managed to suppress the weapon emplacements of the UAF that were terrorising Kominternovo. Last night fire was no longer opened at the settlement,” said the Defense Ministry.

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