The DPR Said Goodbye to 20-Year-Old Nikita Fokin, Who Was Murdered by the Banderist Regime in Kiev

On January 24th a mourning ceremony of farewell was held in Gorlovka for the soldier Nikita Fokin, who was fatally wounded as a result of the shelling of the city carried out by the armed groups of Ukraine.

Lance Corporal Nikita Fokin died on January 22nd. He would have been 21 years old in April. Nikita grew up in Gorlovka. Having graduated from the 9th grade of municipal educational institution “School No. 40 with the provision of pre-school education of the city of Gorlovka”, he entered the Gorlovka College of City Economy. In 2018 Nikita decided to defend the Donetsk People’s Republic.

As friends and combat comrades remember about him, he was a person who could always be relied upon. And he was very in awe of his mother, Lyudmila Vitalyevna, who brought her son up with courage and love for the Motherland.

The funeral service of Nikita Fokin, who died at the hands of the criminal Kiev authorities, was held in the Central Church of Gorlovka – the Epiphany Cathedral. Thousands of people gathered in the square in front of the temple to say goodbye to him, and then as part of the mourning procession went to the place of farewell, where they were able to lay flowers and wreaths as a tribute and memory.

The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, also said goodbye to Nikita Fokin. The Head of State took part in a mourning rally, which took place at the Central City Cemetery of Gorlovka.

“Today we say goodbye to the real warrior and hero Nikita Fokin, who was only 20-years-old. Thinking about this age, you understand all the injustice: he had to live, love, learn, have a family, children… But, alas, there is a despicable war.

The cynicism of war is that there is a lot of talk about peace and about a ceasefire. But they don’t exist. We’re losing the best of the best. We lose them not just by some ridiculous accident, but because someone gives criminal orders and someone executes them. We know the names of those who are guilty and who is covered in his blood. Neither Zelensky nor his henchmen will evade responsibility! We’ll do everything we can to do ensure it.

No bloody crime – whether it be against Nikita or other residents of the Republic – will remain unanswered. It’s our holy duty.

Nikita is a true descendant of our great-grandparents winners, who didn’t just remain aside, and who went to defend his hometown, his land, his loved ones.

It’s very hard to lose loved ones, but it’s even more difficult to bury children. Lyudmila Vitalyevna, accept our sincere condolences! I understand that it is hardly possible to find some words that could soothe you. But we will do everything to memorialise your son. The state will, of course, provide all necessary assistance to your family. But we have to achieve victory. So that there are no such cases in our lives. So that our children can learn, grow, marry, create, and simply rejoice in life. We need this. We will definitely achieve it. Nikita – eternal memory!” said Denis Pushilin.

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Deputy Commander of Military Unit 08803, which Nikita Fomin served in, Guard Captain Valery Dermenzhi said that Nikita was the only son of his mother and died at his combat post, like many soldiers of the DPR. The blame for this crime lies with the government in Kiev.

“Who pulled the trigger and fired the bullet that killed him? Who gave the order to this shooter? The people of Ukraine, when they chose the president, believed Zelensky, his promises that he would end the war, that people would no longer die. As a result, he became another deceiver and murderer. And so he is responsible for this death, stated Valery Dermenzhi. And he added: “I would strangle him with my own hands, if only he ever would come here.”

“Nikita, we will never forget you. Brother, we promise that we will continue this difficult cause. We won’t forget you. These people will be held responsible for your death,” said the senior rifleman of the 4th Motor Rifle Brigade Lance Corporal Bogdan Izmailov.

Warm and bright memories of Nikita were shared by his class head and deputy director of the school where he studied, Oksana Frolkina, and classmate Aleksey Yaroshevsky.

Relatives, close friends, and participants of the gathering said goodbye to the deceased, laid flowers, and honoured his memory with a minute of silence.

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