The Draft Law on the Abolition of Victory Day in Ukraine Was Registered in the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Verkhovna Rada registered a bill canceling the celebration of the Victory Day on May 9th. This was reported on the blog of the author of the initiative – the deputy Andrey Denisenko, who was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament from Dnepropetrovsk on the quota of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Andrey Denisenko

Denisenko said that May 9th is an artificial holiday, that’s why Ukraine should join the European traditions.

“I suggest to note all memorable moments in one day instead of two public holidays devoted to World War II – on May 8th, as it is in the whole of Europe and the civilised world. The day off is planned to be postponed to May 8th too.

I think that it is time to abandon the artificial date invented by Stalin on May 9th, the celebration of which is transformed by aggressive Putin’s regime to a farce of the victory of evil and the main myth and ritual of the unity of the Soviet-Russian world.

And we still will have our real Ukrainian Victory Day – over Russism,” written Denisenko.

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