The Duma Adopted a Draft Appeal to the World’s Parliaments About the Activities of US Biolabs

NEW – February 14, 2023

The State Duma adopted an appeal of the Federal Assembly to the parliaments of the countries of the world in connection with the military biological activities of the United States outside its territory.

Recall that the document was prepared by the Parliamentary Commission to Investigate the activities of American biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine, which, as part of its work, came to the conclusion that “the US biomedical program is implemented and funded by the Pentagon, has a secret and military-applied nature”.

“The parliamentary investigation that you and I initiated into the activities of biological laboratories in Ukraine is becoming increasingly important in the world, and the interest in it is, without exaggeration, very great,” the co-chair of the commission, Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya noted.

According to her, this is confirmed by the fact that the Judicial Watch public organisation in the United States requested information about the activities of the Threat Reduction Agency. The DTRA Agency under the US Department of Defence is based on the fact of their activities in Ukraine.

Parliamentarians draw attention to the updated strategy of the Agency, which openly recognises its dual role – not only protection, but also combat support of military units. According to Irina Yarovaya, such logic “cannot but cause the most serious concern in the world”.

“Let me say that it was our investigation that contributed to the fact that the US public was seriously concerned about a specific Pentagon project,” said the deputy.

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The appeal notes that the preliminary conclusions of the commission were confirmed during the analysis of the report on the activities of the Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA, a structural unit of the Pentagon) in Ukraine. The report was published at the request of the American public organisation Judicial Watch.

“Our appeal to the parliaments of other countries has been prepared so that they are interested in the agreements that their ministries of health conclude with the US Department of Defence. These projects are called biomedical, but this is a trojan horse of the Pentagon, because they hide military biological research,” Irina Yarovaya is convinced.

The Deputy Speaker of the State Duma believes that it is possible to say with full confidence: the special operation conducted by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine has allowed to uncover the most dangerous military biological projects implemented by the United States in the world today.

The parliamentarian called on the parliaments of the world of other countries to attend primarily to the issues of saving, life, health and safety of their citizens.

“Take care of the issues of your personal sovereign security and the global security of the whole world. The Russian Federation will continue to conduct international investigations into all these facts. And I can assure you, dear colleagues, that the results of the investigation, which we are coming to step by step, gives us every reason to demand such an investigation and the responsibility of those who are preparing a new biological catastrophe for humanity today,” she stressed.

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