The Epiphany of a SBU General: Donbass and Crimea Hate Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Returning Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine in the near future is impossible because of the pro-Russia sentiments of the inhabitants of these regions. This was stated by the former head of the Main Investigation Department of the SBU, the Major-General Vasily Vovk on the air of “ObozTV”.

“Today the objective reality and the operational situation say that in the near future we don’t see a possibility of liberating our territories. The near future is 5-10-15 years. People speak about a ‘Croatian scenario’, but we have a completely different situation. We have Russia nearby, on the one hand, and the European Union on the other,” said Vasily Vovk.

He discredited the myth created by Kiev propaganda about 60% of residents of Crimea and Donbass “wanting to return to Ukraine”.

“There is also other information, and it is closer to reality – 80% don’t want to  return to Ukraine, regardless of how much I don’t want to say this. I could say that ‘they are all patriots, they are constrained’, but almost all of them have received Russian passports,” noted the General.

Vasily Vovk considers that people in Crimea “hate Ukraine” and that they keep their Ukrainian passports in order “to come to Ukraine, receive an international passport, and then fly abroad using the visa-free regime”.

“There is a need to tell the truth, and not to make people laugh by saying that ‘99% of people in Donbass is ready to return to Ukraine tomorrow’. We know the real situation – not even the occupied territories, but those that are around them, in the ‘gray zone’ and beyond, look towards Russia more,” summed up Vasily Vovk.

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