The Estonian State Awarded a Man Wearing a Pink Dress Who Thinks “Traditional Family Is the Most Dangerous Place for a Child”

In the photo, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and Justice Minister Raivo Aeg are awarding writer Mikk Pärnits (third from left, the bloke in pink shoes and a dress) a prize “for preventing violence”. In his speech after receiving the award, Mikka stated that: “the traditional family is the most dangerous place for a child”.

The writer himself explained this by the fact that an official suit is like armour for a man, so he put on a dress in order to make himself vulnerable, as our society sees women.

In his speech, the writer stressed that Estonian laws contribute to pedophilia, since even 60-year-old men are allowed to enter into relationships with 14-year-old children.

In addition, he said that the traditional family is the most dangerous place for a child and a woman, since it is within the family that various kinds of violence most often occur, and its victims are not protected by law.

We are taught at the level of society that a woman belongs to the state and her only function is to give birth to little Estonians. […] It is sad, but true: apparently, we will have to wait for young and courageous citizens who are in step with the times and can stand for the privileges of all people, and not just mento the mechanism of creating legislation,” he noted in his speech.

Summing up, he asked the question “How short was the skirt of the Republic of Estonia in 1940?”, Thus making a reference to the widespread justification of harassment in society “it is my own fault”.

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