The EU Ambassador to Ukraine Reminded Kiev That All Loans Must Be Paid Back With Interest

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


During a presentation in Kiev the Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli stated that The European Union doesn’t provide free financial aid to Ukraine – it grants loans under certain conditions.

“We don’t provide assistance. Ukraine is a developing country. Ukraine is already a richer country. We cooperate with Ukraine, we give it credits, we give it loans, therefore we can speak about loans, not about assistance. Over the last 4 years about €12-13 billion have been given to Ukraine, and practically all of them have been provided in the form of loans,” said Mingarelli.

According to him, this money isn’t an allowance per se, it is loans that are granted under certain conditions.

“If we speak in general about relations between Ukraine and the EU, then it seems to me that ‘cooperation between the EU and Ukraine’ is a more suitable term than ‘influence of the EU’,” said the diplomat, sweeting the bitter pill for Kiev.

[it starts at around 18:56; note the nervous laughter of the Ukrainians sat to his right after his cold shower]

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