The EU Decides Who Is a Russian Citizen and Who Is Not

NEW – June 5, 2022

Legal nonsense from Josep Borrell: The European Union will not recognise Russian passports issued to residents of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. In fact, this means that now the EU decides who is a Russian citizen and who is not.

Theoretically, this game can be played together. For example, as soon as a certain conditional country of the European Union grants citizenship to a person, Russia does not recognise it and continues to consider the former citizenship legitimate. It’s possible to even troll a little. For example, Russia recognises the Moscow Agreement on the Final Settlement with respect to Germany from 1990 as null and void. This will mean that it legally recognises the GDR and its citizenship again. And the issuance of German passports to residents of East Germany is considered an illegal act. How do you like this turn?

In general, the degradation of Western elites is striking. The Times has already written: “Heavy drinkers ‘healthier and happier in later years’.” Doesn’t that explain a lot? (where is the Cap with therapeutic calvados when it is so needed).

At first, the Russians were accused of organising Brexit. Now it is in revealing the truth that Brexit was organised by the British intelligence together with their tame billionaires.

Yes, yes, another domestic political scandal has broken out in London. The correspondence of the former head of the MI6 intelligence service, Richard Dearlove, with high-ranking employees of the British government’s power bloc and civil activists has been revealed, in which they sh*t on their state, organise conspiracies, pour dirt and outright falsification, cast off the prime minister and other officials and install obedient puppets. All this in detail, with verifiable facts.

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Naturally, the British intelligence services deny everything and blame the Russians.

Is there at least one entrance left in London that the evil Russians have not yet urinated over?
Meanwhile, what a bummer for Europe — wheat, which Europe previously bought from Russia, will go directly to Africa!

Aleksey Pilko

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