The EU’s Actions Against Russia Lead To a New Iron Curtain

The statement of the head of the diplomatic department of the European Union, Josep Borrell, convincingly confirms the inevitability of the imminent emergence of a new iron curtain. It does not matter who will drop it first, the main thing is that there is no other option for the development of events anymore.

The world’s leading news agencies, in particular, Reuters and Bloomberg, reported the words of the Spanish politician about the “lack of a concrete proposal from the EU” on new sanctions against Russia – in connection with the events around blogger Aleksey Navalny.

A final decision will be made following a meeting in Moscow between Borrell and Russian officials, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which is scheduled for February 5th.

However, although it is still 10 days away, the result of the visit is already quite predictable. The west demands that Russia bend, move aside the norms of its own legislation and give in “for the sake of the triumph of democracy”.

Moscow, quite naturally, cannot do this because of the obvious threat of losing its geopolitical subjectivity.

It appears that the introduction of the new sanctions package has only been postponed for a certain period of time. And it is not out of love for our country or out of fear about the termination of Russian gas supplies. Currently, the European Union is simply trying to lead its own game with the new US authorities. Despite sending the new president Joe Biden “warmest congratulations” on his election victory, German Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately warned him through the media that the EU would not abandon its strategic goal of playing an important role in the international arena. And a little earlier, in the summer of 2020, in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, she called on the international community to “prepare for a world without the US’ leadership”.

This does not mean that the Old World wants to pursue any policy of its own in general. This is nothing more than an attempt to “achieve equality” with the leader, only within the framework of the western concept. And in it, in this concept, Russia, apparently, continues to be perceived as a country of the second, if not even the third world. I.e., just a pawn in the game of exclusively western interests. Translated into clear language, the leaders of the European Union are simply trying to sell Biden their ability to exert new pressure on the Russians.

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It is noteworthy that the European media first reported that the initiative to introduce new sanctions belonged to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Italy. But they very quickly changed their line, when the same Borrell categorically objected to them: not a single EU country proposed to introduce new sanctions at the Council meeting.

It even becomes interesting — if such an initiative did not exist, then what did the EU Foreign Minister say about “the lack of a specific proposal from the EU”?

However, the question is clearly rhetorical. What is happening at the EU Council clearly shows the monstrous depth of the degradation of international relations on the part of the west. There we have no one to be friends with and nothing to negotiate on the position of equal consideration and respect for mutual interests. More precisely, not with anyone — at the level of the part of the European ruling elite that supports the continuation of the integration project of the European Union, as is already obvious, within the framework of the globalist worldview.

In the new reality they want, Moscow is given only the place of the notorious disenfranchised whipping boy and an object of resources and financial robbery. Since by definition it cannot be considered equal in status, it is not necessary to observe equal rules with it. And even more so – to show respect, to fulfil even agreements or treaties that have already been signed, and especially not to interfere in its internal affairs.

This can only end with a return to the realities of the cold war. And the inevitability of Russia’s revision of its attitude to the Old World as a whole — in the direction of supporting another part of the European elite, which fights for the national interests of its own countries, and does not try to sell them more profitably to American financial multinational corporations.

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Elena Panina

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