The Fifth Anniversary of the Odessa Massacre

May 2nd, 2019, marks five years after one of the most horrible tragedies in the history of modern Ukraine.

On May 2nd, 2014 in the House of Trade Unions 49 people died during provocations that caused riots and a fire [this is the official figure used by the regime, whilst in reality it is closer to 300 – ed]. About 200 people were wounded. The investigation was never concluded.

On this day, May 2nd 2019, the inhabitants of Odessa and city visitors will traditionally honour the memory of the victims of the tragedy.

In the city security measures were strengthened – additional police officers and National Guardsmen were deployed. Kulikovo Field, where a memorial service is planned for 16:00, will be surrounded according to “Saakashvili’s scheme”.

The following is a live chronology of events (all timestamps are in local time).

14:20 This is how Kulikovo Field looks now – it is dotted with the flowers of the mourners. The flow of people at this place does not stop.

13:40 The monitoring mission of the United Nations (UN) on human rights in Ukraine considers that the investigation of Ukrainian law enforcers into the mass death of people during the riots in Odessa on May 2nd 2014 to be ineffective. This was stated at a press conference by the head of the UN mission, Fiona Fraser.

She noted that from the 29 of those accused of rioting, 28 were separatists. At the same time, both separatists and pro-Ukrainian activists participated in the clashes. “The police investigation into the riots was selective and biased,” said Fraser.

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She stressed that 5 of 6 murders in the center of Odessa on May 2nd 2014 have not yet been investigated. Also, the death of 42 people during the fire in the House of Trade Unions was not investigated. “The ineffectiveness of the investigation and the lack of responsibility reflects the imperfection of justice in Ukraine,” said the head of the UN monitoring mission.

13:15  “Yesterday we were looking for witnesses and relatives of those killed in the House of Trade Unions. Most of them don’t want to talk. They are intimidated. They don’t trust anything,” wrote the NewsOne journalist Diana Panchenko.

“5 years have passed, and these non-people never understood anything. Sergey Sternenko, the same Odessa murderer, choking on his saliva, calls me a Russian agent. He is supported by the thief Skrypin. Chamber number 6.

I will most likely never forgive this government for that. For the split, for the atmosphere of hatred, for lies and hypocrisy. For the fact that the killers freely roam the streets of Odessa, and the relatives of those who have burned alive are afraid to speak,” added Panchenko.

12:35  The First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Sergey Yarovoy, said that according to the events of May 2nd, three indictments were sent to the court (all pro-Donbass, of course).

“In the criminal proceedings on the tragic events in Odessa on May 2nd 2014, one person who pleaded guilty of the crime committed (creating armed groups not provided for by law or participating in their activities) was convicted. The indictment was sent to the court for three people,” said Yarovoy.

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12:05 Yury Boyko, head of the Opposition Platform-For Life, came to Kulikovo Field. He was accompanied by the former governor of the region Nikolay Skorik.

The people who came immediately surrounded the politicians and asked to speed up the investigation of the tragedy.

“I will ensure that an investigation is carried out. I will ensure that all those who are involved in this murder will be punished,” answered Boyko.

11:30 A small number of radicals came near Kulikovo field – much less than those who came to honor the memory of those burned alive. There are practically no distinctive symbols on them, as well as no nationalist symbols. They go “on exploration” mainly in twos-threes. Clashes, fortunately, do not happen.

11:20 Around the perimeter of the gathering place plenty of vehicles were observed: the “Varta” armoured cars, police vans, police cars, and the National Guard. In addition, anti-explosive vehicles were also noticeable.

11:10 According to the correspondent of the “Strana” news agency, from about 08:00 the residents of Odessa come to Kulikovo field to honour the memory of the dead and lay flowers. To get to the main gathering place, they went through a tight cordon made up of policemen and National Guardsmen. In addition, they had to pass through four improvised checkpoints, where they were checked with metal detectors. Inside the cordon there were about 70 people, but for all the time, a lot more people have passed since the morning – some are replacing others.

10:35 Funeral Service for the victims of the tragedy on May 2nd.

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