The First Imperceptible Response to the Pipeline Sabotage

NEW – September 30, 2022

And here is the answer to the blown-up pipelines. As is customary in eastern martial arts – not a direct violent confrontation, not a counter blow of the sword with the same swing, against the blade, with sparks. It is using one’s own swing – to there, where it hurts the most, where it is weakest, where it is softest.

A decree banning international cargo transportation through the territory of the Russian Federation by companies from unfriendly countries was signed

“the government should determine the term of its validity, the types of transportation covered by this restriction”

The relevant document was published on the legal information portal.

And it’s not just trailers that fall under the wording. To put it mildly, not only. At the same time, the ban is not on the goods themselves, not on their transportation. It’s on the use of unfriendly logistics networks – no profit, no control, no information about the movement of goods, no ability to cleverly carry near-legal, and even directly illegal cargo.

A media-promoted pipeline is just one transport scheme out of a huge number. A big, large-capacity-one, but nevertheless just one. And the decision was made so that the legislative framework will be created, but whether it will be applied to a particular carrier is “law enforcement practice”. The famous Turkish tomatoes showed how this works.

Unfortunately, our Western partners only understand the language of the “price for their actions” that they always impose on us…


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