The Football Federation of Ukraine Offered to Pay Ognjen Vukojević’s FIFA Fine for His “Glory to Ukraine” Statement

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) decided to compensate the Croatian football coach and former player of Dynamo Kiev Ognjen Vukojević for the fine imposed on him by FIFA for the exclamation “Glory to Ukraine”.

The president of the FFU Andrey Pavelko spoke about this on the sidelines of parliament, wrote “Ukrainian Pravda” [the main parliamentary newspaper – ed].

Pavelko came into the Rada in a Croatian national team t-shirt (but not in Domagoj Vida or Vukojević’s t-shirt, but in the t-shirt of the football player Ivan Rakitić).

“We in the FFU have decided to compensate Vukojević for the fine imposed on him, and, if he thinks that it can be possible, to offer him a job in the FFU,” said Pavelko.

He refused to comment on the decision made by Croatia to dismiss Vukojević’s from the trainer assistant’s position, “because he is an interested party”.

“Currently we are studying the legal plane to help with Ognjen’s decision to submit an appeal or to go to the CAS (The Court of Arbitration for Sport). We will provide full legal and financial aid in this question,” said Pavelko.

He also added that he doesn’t see any politics in the words “Glory to Ukraine”, and this question (expressing love for the country) will be raised at the next meeting of the FIFA committee in Zurich.

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