The Former Head of “Right Sector” Revealed Who Killed the DPR “Pyatnashka” Brigade Commander Oleg Mamiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The well-known people’s deputy and former head of Right Sector who openly professes fascism, Dmitry Yarosh, revealed the identity of the UAF personnel who are involved in murdering the commander of “Pyatnashka” Oleg Mamiev (“Mamay”). Yarosh thanked three Ukrainian militants on Facebook for murdering “Mamay”.

“Thanks to the battalion commander to ‘Chorny’,  the company ‘Rambo’, and my friend to ‘Kipish’ for their professional and high-quality work! Keep in there! There is one less separatist ‘brigade commander'”.

Oleg Mamiev died at his fighting post. He was awarded with the highest awards of the DPR. The Russian writer and the deputy commander of one of the Donbass battalions Zakhar Prilepin called Mamiev a real soldier. Condolences on the occasion of his heroic death were expressed on May18th by the head of the republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko. The funeral took place in Donetsk.

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