The Former Head of the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol Debunked the “Russian Invasion of Ukraine” Fairytale

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The myth about the “Russian invasion of Ukraine and hundreds of tanks at the border” is nonsense. Russia is successfully at war [in Syria – ed] using combat aircraft, and thus for this purpose there is no need to deploy regiments at the border.

This was stated on the air of the Internet channel “PolitWera” by the former head of the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Kirill Kulikov.

According to him, the conflict in Donbass can’t be solved in a military way, therefore it is worth searching for peace at any cost, without hesitating to hold negotiations with anybody.

“Competent people perfectly understand that today the concept of conducting combat operations is completely different. And this was shown in Syria. People who more or less understand this know very well that combat isn’t carried out using tanks – it is carried out using the aerospace forces.

And we, apparently, [Ukraine – ed] are preparing to deflect a massive tank offensive. This in itself is profanation and isn’t true …

Unfortunately, this problem has reached the level where it already can’t be solved in a military way. If we conducted the so-called ‘ATO’ there, then it should’ve finished in two-three days. We have stretched it for years, having caught ourselves in a huge number of legal traps, therefore today it is necessary to search for any way to achieve peace.

And to negotiate with anyone, but so that people don’t perish and peace is achieved,” said Kulikov.

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