The Former Leader of the Odessa Branch of “Right Sector” Stabbed Someone to Death

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The former leader of the Odessa branch of “Right Sector” Sergey Sternenko in the evening of May 24th during a street fight used a knife to seriously wound an unknown man, who later died from his wounds.

The incident occurred near the 4th station of the Big Fountain.

As Sternenko claims, the man together with a friend tried to attack him, and he had to use a knife to repel him. According to Sternenko’s friends, after this the attackers hurried to flee. Sternenko ran after one of the attackers and caught up with him.

In the video that was posted by Sternenko on his YouTube page it is seen that the attacker received an extensive cut wound to his stomach. It is noteworthy that none of Sternenko’s friends even try to help the wounded. The victim died from his wounds on the spot.

Sergey Sternenko published the video from the place of events on his Facebook page, but it was soon removed. Fortunately, copies of the video exist.


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