The Former Odessa Governor Publicly Accused Poroshenko of Waging War in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration and the colleague of the leader of Igor Kolomoisky’s “UKROP” party Igor Palitsa stated that president Poroshenko needs war to remain in the power.

Such a statement of Palitsa was published the other day on YouTube.

“Yesterday on ICTV I watched the speech of the president, who created a whole audience for himself: on the right — the Minister of Defence; on the left — pocket volunteers… And he speaks about an offensive … Who are you?! You started this war. With the ATO. You said that you will finish it in two weeks. You didn’t finish it — you continue it, you try to inflate it,” said the indignant former Odessa governor, having stressed that now war is simply necessary for Poroshenko, and for this purpose the president of Ukraine is ready to continue to spend money.

“You tell us that there is a need to invest even more money in the war economy? When people have nothing to live off?” added Palitsa.

According to him, the head of state also doesn’t remember the Ukrainians who died in Donbass, and doesn’t consider it as necessary to even write about it on his websites.

“People stopped trusting Poroshenko long ago… The whole world, which fought for us. Firstly for Savchenko, who Poroshenko then jailed… A person who the whole world was fighting for, the whole of Europe,” noted Kolomoisky’s colleague.

As a reminder, not so long ago similar accusations were made on the airwaves by the leader of the Ukrainian “Fatherland” party Yulia Tymoshenko, who said that Poroshenko is going to impose martial law in order to avoid the 2019 elections. According to her information, the president aspires to “everything flaring up” and war reaching the highest point.

“I say it now consciously, accurately, and with accent so that this plan becomes obvious, so that the current president hears it, and so that he stops his plans… I want to warn Poroshenko: if, heaven forbid, he goes in such a direction – in fact, the beginning of a military escalation in order to preserve his power and not to hold elections – the whole world will know about it… We won’t allow you it to do it, Petro,” said Tymoshenko, and accused the present Ukrainian authorities of earning billions on the back of the war that has continued for several years.

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