The Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Described How Joe Biden Fired Him for Refusing to Protect Corrupt Officials

The former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin said in an interview to the “” news agency why the former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, connected to lobbying business of the former Minister of Ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky, ordered the president Petro Poroshenko to dismiss him.

Shokin said that he was not going to “back away” from the “case of Burisma, the company of Zlochevsky, the board of which Biden’s son joined soon after Euromaidan, the former president of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski and also Devon Archer (the close friend of the stepson of the US Secretary of State John Kerry). The work of board members was generously paid.

“The president said to me repeatedly that Biden demanded that I was moved away. A report on the work done by me was prepared, it was sent to deputies, and posted Prosecutor-General of Ukraine on the website. If to take these reports, they many times differ from what my predecessors could do. There was no objective ground for dismissal,” explained the former Prosecutor General concerning Joe Biden’s motives.

He added that Biden engaged himself with him very seriously. “He promised Poroshenko that he will bring compromising evidence on me about corruption. He arrived in December 2015, spoke in the Verkhovna Rada, said nothing about it, and left. So then I went to Bankova Street. The conversation was as such: ‘Well, did Biden dig up corruption?’ ― ‘Vitya, he did not bring anything against me’. ― ‘So what will we do?’ ― ‘F*ck him!’. Approximately like this. After all, you understand that if the Vice President of the United States had proof of my corruption, then he would surely use all of this for his aims,” said Viktor Shokin.

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He noted that there were regular ultimatums, and he finally crossed the line on February 2nd 2016 when the prosecutor’s office came in court with requests to re-impose arrests on the property of Burisma.

“I assume that then the president received another call from Biden, blackmail via the non-allocation of a loan… Poroshenko then surrendered,” said Shokin, who was dismissed on April 3rd 2016.

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