The Fuss Surrounding the Capture of Ugledar – What’s Really Going On?

NEW – February 16, 2023

The situation with the attempt of the Russian army to take Ugledar led to a scandal. A number of anonymous sources said that the troops suffered serious losses during the storming of the city. The deputy commander of one of the battalions said what is really happening in this direction.

Previously, anonymous sources reported serious losses during the assault on Ugledar. This event launched a whole wave of discussions about how the vertical of power is arranged in general? In particular, military commander Roman Saponkov reposted on his Telegram channel the reasoning of the authors of the “Atomic Cherry” channel that in its current form the Russian army is built on the principles of Western military operations. In particular, an example was the “Desert Storm” conducted in Iraq by the US army.

But how are things really going? This was stated in an interview with “Tsargrad” by the deputy commander of the 2nd reconnaissance battalion “Brigade of Veterans” with the call sign “Tourist”. According to him, the situation in the Ugledar direction really turned out to be difficult, the Ukrainian Armed Forces was firmly entrenched in this sector of the front. But the picture is not exactly what anonymous sources paint it to be.

“There is no point in hiding here. There are real losses. Both on our side and on their side. But there is much more on their part. 70-80% more. If heavy artillery ammunition is suitable, you yourself know. There, almost 500-600 shells are fired from one gun alone per day. How long does it take it to get there? The enemy should not be underestimated, they also understand that there will be deliveries, they are trying to break through, they are trying to block our deliveries,” says “Tourist”.

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Also, the Russian officer noted that if the UAF loses one position, they immediately switch to another, then to the third or fourth. There they sit out and try to break forward again. But the Russian troops are not letting them back in.

Note that earlier it was reported that the battalion of the legendary Aleksandr Khodakovsky is also working in the Ugledar direction. And he did not report any significant losses in this sector of the front.


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