The Genocide in Donbass Continues…

“We thought that we were saving our brothers and sisters on the territory occupied by the Russian aggressors,” a captured Ukrainian paratrooper told me in 2014, “but it turned out that there is no need to save anyone…” – he said this as if he understood and accepted the choice of the residents of Donbass, recognising their right to be different and to live according to their own laws. But. After the captivity of the mentioned paratrooper came to the end, he went to war again, “because it’s necessary to exterminate at the root the contagion of separatism at all price …” Those like him, who in six years of war did not understand anything and do not want to understand, are countless. They save us by killing us…

Everyone remembers the terrible symbol of the war in Donbass – Madonna of Gorlovka. A beautiful woman who was killed and maimed by the explosion of a Ukrainian shell with a baby in her arms. Today in Gorlovka another “Madonna” was killed… who had not yet experienced the joy of motherhood, who had not left a child behind her. Why did this happen? Because there are obsessed bastards for whom “it’s necessary to exterminate at the root the contagion of separatism at all price…”

Ivan Prikhodko, the mayor of the long suffering Gorlovka which is constantly under fire, wrote with grief:

“Citizens of Ukraine, ‘warriors’, I am addressing you. Can you tell me what passport Miroslava had? She didn’t even have a DPR Passport! And after that you say that you are fighting against Russian army..?”

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No, dear Ivan Sergeevich (Prikhodko), Ukrainian “warriors” are not fighting the Russian army, and they understand this very well, they have always understood it. They kill us purposely. And each of them knows perfectly well that – according to the UN definition – it is genocide – “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.” And also: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part…”

Ukrainian “warriors” and their Western curators are deliberately destroying us. Systematically. Knowing what they are doing and why. They are putting into practice a long-established program of genocide.

I am addressing to you, Andrey, a Ukrainian paratrooper who was captured by me in August 2014. And to all like you – murderers who justify their desire to kill and to punish disobedient people via cowardly shelling by citing “Russian aggression” and “defending national interests…” – I remember you, the time will come and I will definitely find you… And all your kind, murderers, will be found… All of you will be punished in accordance with what you have done. And it will be found out: if your souls are put on the scales – all of you are lighter than emptiness…

Gennady Dubovoy

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