The German Deputy Andreas Maurer: In Germany Poroshenko Is Compared with Hitler

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the air of the website “Golos Pravdy” and the YouTube channel “Open Ukraine” online communication took place with the German deputy Andreas Maurer. He answered the questions of viewers.

About Poroshenko’s comparison with Hitler in Germany:

“Concerning Poroshenko, people in Germany often ask: he, after all, has factories in Russia, and this is the aggressor country… And one elderly female teacher said: ‘I can’t even imagine it myself. It’s like Hitler fighting against Russia, and his factory being near Moscow?’ She gave such a stunning example! Or, for example, Hitler would say: ‘Well, okay. This is the aggressor country, but I allow Germans after returning from the frontline to go to have a holiday in Crimea’. I come to Crimea and I see Ukrainian cars. Tomatoes aren’t thrown at them. Ukrainians restaurants work. It’s a contradiction. By the way, in Simferopol I stayed at the ‘Ukraine’ hotel. And what would happen if a Russian came to Lvov and opens a Russian pelmeni bar or a ‘Moscow’ restaurant?”

About the children killed in Donbass:

“In the DPR and LPR more than 200 children have died. They (defenders of the Kiev regime) say to me: So what, for you children are 14-years-old, 15-years-old, 16-years-old, and 17-years-old? Yes!. There are monuments, there are the names of these children… Just recently I published information that during recent shelling a child lost an eye. And they (defenders of the Kiev regime) immediately arrived, saying: You invented everything, this child doesn’t exist, you didn’t meet him. And then on social networks the neighbors (of this child) published photos, and doctors did the same thing. I communicated with this child, but they (defenders of the Kiev regime) tried to show that I invented everything… How absurd! I was in Gorlovka in this destroyed house, I talked to the father of this child… A few years ago in this house the father lost his wife, and the child lost his mother… And then, when I am told that I invented all of this, it seems to me that there are forces that try to not allow this small truth being spread. And this is only a small part of what we have seen [in Donbass]”.

About journalists who kindle hostility:

“I don’t understand how journalists can write articles about Crimea and Donbass sitting (in comfort) at a table when they haven’t even gone to Crimea, not to mention Donbass”.

The whole world is with us?:

“Meeting with Ukrainian politicians can hinder the careers of German politicians, that’s why they start to avoid them. (They’ve become toxic)… Now Poroshenko prepares to go to Germany to report to the people of Ukraine. It’s like saying: ‘look, I’m trying hard’… I think that this trip is only about calming people in Ukraine”.

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