The German Government Put the Ambassador of Ukraine in His Place

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Germany government put the Ukrainian ambassador Andrey Melnik in his place, after being tired of his constant complaints and claims because of the visit by the German delegation to Crimea and Donbass, said the chairman of the “Die Linke” faction in the region of Osnabrück and project manager of “National diplomacy” in Germany Andreas Maurer.

According to him, Melnik repeatedly made “absurd claims” to the Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asked the Chancellor Angela Merkel personally to punish deputies who make trips to the Russian peninsula.

However, representatives of Kiev obviously mixed up countries in their absurd demands, stressed Maurer. Such a scheme, as the politician noted, can work only in Ukraine – a country where, according to him, there is no legislation, where lawlessness reigns, and such nationalist organisations as “Right Sector” operate.

Maurer also shared the recommendations that were given to Melnik two months ago by the German authorities, having put him in his place. In particular, it was explained to the ambassador that nobody prevents him from protesting, but he has no right to dictate to Berlin what to do. The diplomat was advised to be engaged in his standard duties and to not interfere in the internal affairs of another State, and after this he “became quieter“, concluded Maurer.

As a reminder, a delegation of German parliamentarians from three regional parliaments visited Crimea in February. Deputies from the right-wing “Alternative for Germany” party was also a part of this delegation. The politicians were impressed with the high standard of living on the peninsula.

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After this, one of the members of the German delegation, the deputy of the Berlin parliament Hugh Bronson stated that in Germany a joint fruitful coexistence with Russia is considered to be very important, and that this visit to the peninsula is “an important signal”.

It should be noted that the readiness of Moscow to work together with Germany, despite difficulties, was earlier declared by the Russian President Vladimir Putin following the results of negotiations with his German colleague Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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