The Glorification of Hitler Is Already Taking Place Within the Walls of the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


An exhibition devoted to the Act of Declaration of the Ukrainian State in an alliance with Hitler’s Germany that, as is known, was proclaimed in Lvov in 1941, was opened in the Verkhovna Rada. 
The was stated during a briefing on the sidelines of the Ukrainian Parliament by the deputy Yury Shukhevych.

“Ukraine turns to face its history. Today in the Verkhovna Rada an exhibition devoted to the day of June 30th, 1941, namely, to the restoration of Ukrainian statehood, was opened.

In addition, this day is the birthday of one of the participants and organisers of this event, later – one of the commanders of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – Roman Shukhevych [the deputy Yury Shukhevych is his son – ed].

The fact that today we have independence, and there, in reality, a huge brick in that building that today is called the ‘Ukrainian State’ was placed there by this fight, by these people. And here today we celebrate this day and these people, and I very much ask everyone to visit the exhibition that the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists holds for this date,” said Shukhevych, and gave the floor to his assistant.

“All of us know very well how often anti-Ukrainian forces speculate on the act of June 30th, 1941 being a collaborationist act that was aimed at cooperation with the Nazi Third Reich. However, the legal analysis of this document, besides historically obvious things, indicates the opposite.

First of all, the declared cooperation with the Third Reich didn’t mean submission to another State. It was a situational declaration, which could’ve been realised if the Third Reich didn’t commit anti-human crimes. Later Croatia and Romania recognised the Ukrainian independence declared by the act of June 30th. In addition, the Hungarian regime entered into negotiations concerning the fight of UPA and in general about the joint activities that softened the losses of the sides,” said Igor Mamontov, trying to justify himself.

The head of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists Stepan Bratsyun showed everyone a “unique artefact.

“I want to show you one an important artefact and symbol that confirmed the power that was chosen on June 30th, 1941. This is the stamp of Ukrainian State governance. We received it through the late deputy Yaroslav Stetsko. Later it will be in a museum that is devoted to it,” noted Bratsyun.

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