The Gorlovka Tragedy Was Repeated in Kharkov

NEW – May 28, 2022

As a result of the shelling of one of the central districts of Kharkov on May 26, according to official data, 9 people were killed and 19 were injured. The authorities also report that one of the victims is a 5–month-old child.

According to eyewitnesses of the tragedy, at the moment when explosions were heard at the busy intersection of August 23rd (the day of the liberation of Kharkov from the Nazis) Street and Science Avenue (aka Lenin Avenue), a young family was leaving the courtyard of the house. The father carried a baby in his arms, the mother walked beside him. The man died on the spot. The child was found some time later on the parapet of the building, where he was thrown by the blast wave. The baby was dead. A woman in a serious condition was taken away by an ambulance. If she survives, she will have to mourn her family.

As a result of the shelling of one of the central districts of Kharkov on May 26, according to official data, they were killed…

Another body was found a few steps away, at the entrance to the subway. The young man probably knew that the subway had started working, and tried to escape by going underground. Maybe he had a chance. More precisely, it would have had a chance if only one of the six exits of the station had been open. No one informed anyone about this. Here, at the closed doors of the subway, a man was overtaken by a deadly fragment.

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Moreover, contrary to the official story, it was not a fragment of “Pion” howitzer ammunition. And not even “Malka”. And fire wasn’t coming from Russian positions.

“On May 26, the occupiers shelled Kharkov with ‘Pion’ large-caliber guns, the firing range of which reaches 47 km, and multiple launch rocket systems. I emphasise once again that it is still impossible to relax in any case. The enemy is acting insidiously and purposefully hitting civilians,” said Kharkov Gauleiter Oleg Sinegubov.

But summing up their own observations and reports from different districts of the city, Kharkov residents come to completely different conclusions.

Howitzers and MLRS did work during the shelling of Pavlov Field, but the shells flew from the city in the direction of the Belgorod region, where the village of Zhuravlevka suffered.

At the same time, mortars fired from Alekseyevka and Kholodnaya Gora at Pavlov Field and the village of Zhukovsky (there was a “arrival” at a transport stop at Forest Park). Kharkov residents are no stranger to “stray mortars”, many people have not confused the results of their work with the destruction from howitzers and MLRS for a long time.

Therefore, there’s no question of who opened fire: “their own”, “defenders”.

Question: why? There is a theory that they tried to get to Pavlusha. This is how the residents of the district call the monument to the Warrior-Liberator. Like the Memorial of Glory in Forest Park, it is dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Similar monuments are now being demolished in some European countries. The nazis from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as true “Europeans”, could well have chosen their own way to deal with the Soldier. But Pavlusha resisted. Only an alien yellow-black flag fell from the barrel of the victoriously raised machine gun. Not for the first time, it should be noted. Last time, to the delight of Kharkov residents, the symbol of Ukrainian non-statehood was knocked down by lightning.

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It should be noted that Mayor Igor Terekhov did not even think to hide this iconic monument for Kharkov residents from shelling. Unlike the typical and meaningless “Nike” on Constitution Square. The “Motherland” on the Memorial was also left unprotected, only flower seedlings were dumped around the monument.

There is also a theory that the Ukrainians fired at Kharkov out of revenge for the successes of the allied forces in Donbass, once again proving that this city is a stranger to them. At the same time, the date of the war crime was also not chosen by chance. Exactly eight years ago, on May 26, 2014, the nazis used heavy armoured vehicles and aircraft for the first time in Donetsk.

Thus, according to the organisers, it is the Russians who can be accused of shelling a densely populated area out of revenge, right behind Belgorod and Donetsk. And if to manage to damage the Soldier, this is another reason to remind the world community that “nothing is sacred to the Orcs”!

On the morning of May 27, the affected area was closed. Public utilities are frantically masking the traces of arrivals. Meanwhile, on Moscow Avenue, the signs are being changed to new ones, with the name “Heroes of Kharkov Avenue”. Well, for some even a plaque is a “victory”.

Ivan Dobrovolsky

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